"Spontaneous, Inborn & very, very Easy"
the Yoga which is the "greatest of them all"
The God Given MAHA YOGA
...means that this is part of the inborn, natural mechanism
that is provided for mankind to reach it's natural goal
xFind that Inner Peace that is already there, waiting to be discovered, within you
Become the Master of your own inbuilt destiny
(in just 7 short weeks)
You may well be skeptical - at first that is to be expected...
   but, will you at least try ?   

First find a meeting near you. Then just go along and join in the fun.
No need for any special clothing or equipment. Just be decently dressed.
It is a chair based meditational experience.
No need to book, or make an appointment, but do turn up on time,
so you do not miss out on the short but essential introduction,
before the amazing awakening experience.   Definitely Not to be missed!
This is usually followed by a short video, an equally short meditation, & then a workshop.
The session ends with a free starter pack, with instructions on how to continue at home,
followed by tea & biscuits, whilst relaxing & chatting to your neighbours at the meeting.

The whole session lasts about an hour and a half.