Meditation helps with drug abuse

Drug abuse is a serious public health problem that affects almost every community and family in some way. Each year drug abuse results in around 40 million serious illnesses or injuries among people only in the United States.

Drug abuse also plays a role in many major social problems, such as drugged driving, violence, stress and child abuse. Drug abuse can lead to homelessness, crime and missed work or problems with keeping a job. It harms unborn babies and destroys families. There are different types of treatment for drug abuse. But the best is to prevent drug abuse in the first place.

Depending on the actual compound, drug misuse including alcohol may lead to:

  1. Health problems
  2. Social problems
  3. Morbidity
  4. Injuries
  5. Violence
  6. Deaths
  7. Suicides
  8. Physical dependence
  9. Psychological addiction

Benefits of meditation in drug abuse

A study conducted at the University of Vienna by Dr Hackl showed highly significant effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on drug consumption.

The study used a retrospective questionnaire in 501 Meditators of Sahaja Yoga of which 268 people had used drugs before starting with the meditative practice.

The retrospective questonnaire showed that 97% of chronic drug consumers stopped taking drugs, most of them at the beginning of the Meditation practice, i.e. 42% after the first week of meditation, 32% after the first months (Hackl, 1995).

The study thus shows a significant and lasting effect of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on drug consumption and drug abuse
Hackl, W.  The effect of Sahaja Yoga on drug consumption. Die Auswirkungen von Sahaja Yoga auf das Drogenkonsumverhalten. Doctoral thesis submitted to the University in Vienna, 1995