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~ Late Breaking News 2 ~
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10th April 2018
Jessop House in Chisawick
(another Shri Hanumanji Miracle)

3rd March 2018
Why not think about maybe changing your browser?

It is quite a good idea to occasionally check out the alternative browsers that are available, as they can impact upon
how we perceive this web site. Most recently we have been using Google Chrome which we found to be a very goood browser
to use. However we recently discovered a problem which was eventually overcome by changing browsers. We changed to Firefox
and have since had no problems. It is a free browser

One Other Important Adjustment that you all can make

It has recently again been sort of 'Rediscovered' that it is quite important to check the 'Site Appearance'
so that everything actually looks correct. For this you will need to click on this item on the HomePage or you can click on the link above.
[ Inclded here are some 6 or 7 suggesteions for possible tweaks that can be tried out ]

(9th November 2016)
Now, if you are able to read this, then the problem that we have endured for the best part of this current year
has now finally been resolved.

2nd April 2016
Around 4pm to 4.30pm did a synchronisation that appeared to go wrong a little.
Now am having problems that I cannot sync the web site correctly - now including this file
Nick at 7.15 am GMT Sunday 3rd April

Greetings to everyone... and thank you all for your patience.
Just a short note to let you all know that the current work of upgrading this WebSite
is still going on apace, with still quite a lot to be added, though the end is somehow getting much closer.

The overhaul of the Main pdf Index is close to completion, with letters U/V through to X/Y/Z still to complete.
Then attention will go to Re-building the mp3 Audio Clip section which had to be temporarily suspended.

And then.... well the short but very important Video clip.... & a few other things also...
and then... well who knows...
You might try the SAHAJ link in the Main Index area to get a feel for the idea of having
the Sahaja ORACLE - it will be interesting to read some of your Feedback.
It is sincerely hoped that you all, on browsing the new site will slowly come to like it, and will look forward
to returning again to find more interesting and wonderful things that our Glorious and Beautiful Mother
has said to us all over the years.

Jai Shri Mataji
31st March 2016

Here we go...with the upload of the new Website
May Shri Mataji be Eternally Prasanna

x5th Feb 2016x

We apologise for the temporary suspension of this site, to allow for necessary, and vital
maintenance work to be done. This site took 12 months of pretty near continuous work to complete the rebuild.
So it should not be too much of a surprise,to learn that it will surely take a few days or possibly even weeks
to check it out, and correct any errors. This work will do much to make your browsing experience that much
more enjoyable. We thank you all for your patience. Jai Shri Mataji.


The very latest development is the news:

That Strong Photograph used in 2015 until 5th Feb 2016
Click here to read the explanation for the display of this particular Photo
on the HomePage for this 12 month period.

Jan 2016
A very happy & prosperous New Year to everyone

" ABC of Sahaja Yoga for Newcomers "

This new scheme that was launched earlier in 2015 unfortunately had to be temporarily suspended,
simply because this PC crashed, big time back in July, and took some 2 months to repair.
As the other work of rebuilding this SahajVidya website was also going on and was
considered the more important... it was decided that the major of these should take priority.

Work is proceeding apace, and although not yet completed, it is sufficiently close to completion,
that it has been decided to upload the new SahajVidya website as soon as is reasonably possible...
in fact to coincide hopefully with the New Year 2016.

So although it will not be exactly this week... it will arrive fairly soon.
Then work will continue, to improve those parts that will still be in need of upgrading.
The ABC series has already been built into the site, up to & including the topic that was sent out
when the PC crash occurred. Work on this will soon resume.
Thank you all for your patience.

Jai Shri Mataji

Most Recent news

Site Rebuild
from January 2015 until the present time, much activity has been going on, working
to completely rebuild this web site to make it more Friendly & Easier to use.

It might look at first sight a little more intricate, but if you persist and explore
we feel sure you will come to like it.

On every page there are links for the HomePage and also a Reset button... usually in
the top left corner. Along the bottom of the screen is a series of tabs which take you
to each of the main sections of the site. The main change has been
the very much improved use and display of the many Photographs
of our glorious and beautiful MOTHER, Shri MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI.


17th January 2015
Wishing you all, absolutely everybody... a very Happy New Year
& may 2015 turn out manifestly to be that which currently appears to be
beyond the dreams & aspirations of all genuine Sahaja Yogis everywhere

Here we start with the update of the newly revised "Nirmala Pics" section,
a collection of Sahaja Pictures & Photographs from around the world.

To access it, click on the 'Nirmala Pics' link at the bottom left corner
of the HomePage,
or at the first item of the GoTo... listing
in the > Key < panel, also on the HomePage.
There are some quite special new Photographs to be found there.

There are, in addition to the Australian Collection,
two very special Photos, only just recently coming to our attention.
Click on the 'Intro' link on the NirmalaPics Start Page, & you will find them.
The wider the distribution of these Photos,
the less the risk of them being misused.

Jai Shri Mataji
- o -



24th Dec 2014
Merry Christmas everybody

The first subset of the Australian Photo Collection
is now complete, thanks to Matthew Cooper
who has made good use of his Nikon camera.
They may be viewed by clicking here or on Nirmala Pics
and then go to Gallery J
More to be added later.

Thanks Matthew...

- o -


16th Dec 2014
Christmas is now not so far away
So what better time to offer some beautiful new Photos
of our Beloved Mother, taken not so long ago by our
much loved brother, Matthew who is living in Australia.

Back in 2006 and again 2007, he made very good use of his Nikon
to record Shri Mataji's visit to Australia.
He recently offered his collection to the collective to make them available
to his brothers & sisters world wide. We offer them here for
everyone's enjoyment. The process of assembling them is currently
under way - it will take some time to complete the task,
so be a little patient... & above all... ENJOY !!!

- o -


19th Nov 2014
Currently there are NEW ITEMS in both the.....
100+ mp3 Audio Clips -
   <<<  8 new clips
& also
Some Miracles experienced in Sahaja Yoga - ( The Possibilities )
( 9 new Items )

Clicking on either of the above links will take you there

More are to be added very soon

- o -


17th Sep 2014
The work of checking the site & fixing broken shortcuts continues apace,
whilst the layout also is receiving continued attention,
& is being improved wherever possible.

The element of Spontaneity is considered most important, as the word 'Sahaj'
not only gives this site it's name, but also it provides Shri Mataji, the Divine,
the opportunity to exercise that very same 'spontaneous' element
in displaying the most appropriate Advice for each viewer
that uses this site... according to his or her own needs.

You will find this Sahaja element in 2 main areas... firstly wherever
you see the 'Sahaj' link. This 'Sahaj' link... when you click on it...
you will not know beforehand which Chart, Photo or Topic
will be displayed, & also whenever you click on it the result most likely
will be different each time.

But secondly, the 'Rotator' files that occur throughout this site
are being themselves rotated, so that whenever you enter
a particular section, say for example the 'Nabhi Chakra' or 'Ascent',
you will not know in advance which topic will be displayed for you,
from anywhere on the site..

You can access this spontaneous element simply by clicking either
the 'Update' button or the 'Sahaj' one.

In addition to all this, there will occasionally be new items of interest
added mostly as mp3 audio clips, but also as a range of especially
interesting Photos becomes available.

Main thing is... not so much to have fun... although you can do this as well...
but more especially... to Enjoy...
Jai Shri Mataji
- o -


23rd Aug 2014
The 'Teaching/Learning' section of the site is now just about complete.
Consideration had to be given to the extra space needed on the server
for higher quality files that would be needed for projection requirements.
As a result, only those files that contain relevant & important data are included,
whilst excluding those that contain so much information
that an overcrowded image, it is felt,
would result in unavoidable confusion for the viewer.

In the years to come, these files will surely be needed, as the demand rises
across the world, for some sort of educational material to promote
& preserve the integrity of Shri Mataji's legacy for all of mankind.

Jai Shri Mataji
- o -


Date: 10th Aug 2014

The overhaul of the New Sahaja Yoga LITERATURE has been
much more demanding than anticipated, but has now been finally completed,
apart from a few minor tweaks here & there.

- o -


- Added - 14th July 2014 -
A brand new start in upgrading & revising the layout of this
SahajVidya Website is now under way. The most obvious changes are
occurring on the HomePage itself initially, with a more friendly layout of the
sections on the SahajVidya Treats, & also the Final Culminating Point.

Very soon, much new material is going to appear - notably the complete set of Pictures
taken by our respected brother, Matthew who has been resident in Australia.

- o -


- Added 15th March 2014 -
This is a new additional slot for updates which are occurring
whilst the main News Item is still current, & needs to be kept in focus.

So you now have slots 1 & 2 to keep track of .
To switch between them, just click on the link which is faded out.

Also... The mp3 Audio clips section was becoming rather slow,
because of the number of clips being all downloaded to your PC all at the same time.
So now this section of the site has been redesigned, so that only those clips that you
are interested in get downloaded... speeding things up tremendously.

- o -


The most recently added News item:
Latest items to be added are a few mp3 clips in a new category
called as 'Sahaja Culture'

plus 2 more also in 'Spreading Sahaja Yoga'

Practical aspects of
.... ‘
Putting the Heart into Action' - Pt 2
and, to come later on, part 3:
Understanding the underlying principles
..............of 'Putting the Heart into Action'
- Pt 3

Two New items are just added in the 'Pitfalls' section
of the "Culminating Point" panel, at the bottom of the HomePage.

They are:
...........Putting our Hearts into Action - Pt 1
and also
Avoiding this ugly ‘I’ word
You might find them interesting reading.
Click to go to Myths & Fallacies section ( the Pitfalls )