To All Smartphone users

For all those who are using Smartphones, it is earnestly recommended
to locate a suitable Desktop PC if you can at all find one, because
this site is a very complicated and intricate site containing a vast
quantity of material of absolutely valid and authentic nature that comes
directly from our own Shri Adi Shakti who has travelled all this way from
Her Heavenly Abode, to come and visit us all here on this Planet Earth 
for the sole purpose of saving this her only and ultimate Creation from itself.

Using such a PC will allow you to view this Web Site
in such a way not possible with such a miniscule piece of
modern equipment that cannot possibly show
in any sort of complete way that which is represented here.

Just as an introduction you can start by viewing 
a very interesting section to be found 
on the Pitfalls page at the top right corner
of the screen, & which is called as
Sahaja Gaffes or All time Sahaja Howlers
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