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Previous Issues
We are still looking for...
A good clear copy of Mother's Drawing
of 'Chakras on the Feet'
Also a good copy of Drawing of Chakras on Hands
Lastly we need a recording with details re 'String Burning'
Please... We'd be very grateful if anyone can help
Current Issue:
"Water Havan"
Question: Globally, we are a very large Collective. We all listen to Mother's Recorded Talks either Audio or Video. With 'Hand on Heart' does anyone have a recording of Shri Mataji, speaking about
"Water Havan" & it's use in Sahaja Yoga?
If so, please send details to:  feedback at 
& mark the subject or title as
" Feedback - Water Havan "
If not, lets ALL be good Sahaja Yogis... & STOP Talking about it.
xx The Problem:  EGO
The Solution:  Introspect.   Then  Adopt Humility & then... maybe we will Learn something
"Be our own Gurus" - understand - does not mean we are 'straight away' experts,
simply because we have got our Realisation . . .   no ! not at all...
Means 'be strict with ourselves' be Humble... & then maybe we might just possibly
Learn from our Guru ... and then again... maybe we might not...