God's work

If you start doing God's work, your worries are taken over - then you don't have to worry about anything (890423)
I hope you won't do that to me
In all the Religions people have diverted from the right path… and have come to the wrong path… and are indulging into self created Religions which have no relationship with Reality… or with the incarnations, those who started the Religions… or who gave the ideas of Religions – I hope you won't do that to me… because you are Gnostic people… you are the ones who know… who have had Self Realisation (871219)
One God

There is only one God, but which manifests in many Aspects (830127), like the many lights in a room, which nonetheless are giving but One light (830202)
In thoughtless awareness, you will not catch

If you give vibrations in thoughtless awareness, you will not catch - it is when you are not in thoughtless awareness that these entities come into you (760330)

If you stop this one word, 'How'… 90% of questions will drop out (820124)

In Sahaja Yoga marriage… there is a custom of applying haldi, a kind of yellow powder… which is very good for the skin - if you have any sort of problem on the skin… any scratching or anything… mosquitoes… you are comforted during the wedding time (840829.1)
The fragrant garden of your Self

If you are here… to ascend… you have to have your eyes upwards and not downwards… you must see what steps there are… you have to climb up those steps… and with those steps where do you enter… I will tell you… in that beautiful… fragrant garden of your Self… which is so beautiful. Give up nonsensical ideas… try to take to Spirituality… pure Spirituality - purity is the word… purity you must have… and that purity within, you can easily easily establish with Sahaja Yoga (010321)
Serve others first
You must help… others… even without the idea of helping - it's a pleasure… it's a privilege… it's a great honour that you can do. Many people have a habit to serve 'your' child first - is absolutely very vulgar… it shows bad breeding… you must serve others first… and then your own family (830321)
Open to guidance

We must keep ourselves open to guidance… it will come from within - at the same time we must act; Still, if something does not work out, accept that it is not meant to be - do not give up… but carry on (960505)
English… have to learn to love (820124)
Central path

Keep your 'road', the Madyamarga, clean… and let the Kundalini pass through it… because we are Madyamargis… we have to go by the centre… by the central path… til you reach your Talubhag… where sits Sadashiva (000206)
If someone is saying something about you, and it is not true, then what is there to feel bad… if they are telling lies, there is nothing to be frightened about… if they are telling the truth, then you should be thankful - it may be bad, but is a good thing. If it is true, it is good for my ego, but if it is untrue, then what is so important? With this wise attitude towards yourself in Sahaja Yoga, you won't be hurt so easily by what people say to you (800517.1)
If we waste our time with other interests, other priorities, then our progress in Sahaja Yoga will not be so great (791118)
The Hamsa chakra is a very material thing… and has to be worked on, on a material level only… and is where you get troubles like sinus, colds and coughs, and all that… and can result from the drying up of the nose… because of the use of central heating. Like… in London, or anywhere… it's all heated up inside the rooms… too much it is… it's very dry… Just leave some water or something, or fill a tub in the bath and keep it open… so there is humidity in the room (820124)
You must respect your chastity, which is the Vishnumaya power, the Gauri power, the pure virgin, and it is protected by Shri Vishnumaya. The essence of religious life, of righteous life, of Sahaja Yoga life is chastity - without a sense of chastity, you cannot have dharma (850901)
Maha Yoga

The en-masse happening of Sahaja Yoga, today (810928); The Greatest Yoga, where we meet the Ultimate… that is the part that is called as Maha Yoga - where 'we' meet the 'Mother'. It is that - Maha Yoga (791009.1); When the Maha Yoga comes in, you don't have to worry about anything else - all the Yogas are at your feet. You just raise your hand like this, the Kundalini will rise… it's a fact… you just try; Maha Yoga, the culminating point of Sahaja Yoga (791111)
Face yourself
Never justify any defects - all defects will run away as soon as you decide that you are going to face yourself. Also not to go near a person who talks negatively, but to go near those who are positive (791202.2)
Sushumna Nadi
Surprisingly it is in the channel of Mahalakshmi, the Sushumna Nadi, that the Kundalini actually rises (871024)
Cancer (the disease) is heat producing. The biggest sin of modern times, the sin against the Mother, produces cancer, which is also heat producing (830113.2)
Fix your goal
In any constructive force, there has also to be destruction. If there is something that is trying to destroy your construction, then you have to destroy that. We should desire to destroy that which obstructs our ascent - be prepared to destroy. When a flower becomes a fruit, the flower is destroyed. Fix your goal, and do not be distracted, or deviated, otherwise you will not arrive (890619)
We are Madyamargis… we have to go by the centre… by the central path… til you reach your Talubhag… where sits Sadashiva. So keep your road, the Madyamarga clean… and let the Kundalini pass through it (000206)
Wherever there is a priesthood, know that it is a Mafia… a sophisticated Mafia. This priesthood has to go; No Sahaja Yogi is going to take any money… nor anybody is going to bow to them. Nor are they going to take any kind of special attention (860706)

Only the strong, the secure, rich in essence can be truly meek (891008.1)

If your marriage doesn’t give you progress in your spiritual life, better to give it up… and that’s what I've been telling everyone about it… how to get over their emotional problems (850310)
Keep the Holy Mother Pleased

It is very simple - the Holy Mother has to be pleased, because She is the attention and if She is pleased, then we have done the job. She is not pleased by mundane things, but only by our ascent. So we must judge ourselves on this (830723.3)
The mobility of our movement is so great… I would say 360 degrees… because you are stationed in the centre, in your spirit. You can move any way you like, as long as you are centred in your spirit. But this is an important point which we need… that we are centred in our spirit… and whatever movement we do… as long as we are centred in our spirit… is necessary for our growth… for the growth of the collective (850310)
We have all this knowledge which is so secret, and we know about the Deities and what pleases or displeases them. But one thing we must have, is the Recognition of the Incarnation who is with us now, and from whom all this comes. Vibrations will flow immediately, as soon as we recognise (791202.2) See: Mahadiksha
Just think how much your Mother loves - when you think how much your Mother loves you, you are jumping onto Her Kundalini, and at that time when you jump onto Mother's Kundalini, then there is no thought (830107)
To see without reaction, but with the witness state. We should develop that eye which sees without reacting (910728)

The limited and unlimited are two different dimensions… this is the secret of your Mother's Maya also… that I live on the limited plane, and do unlimited things… that’s how I create Maya. Whatever I can do with the limited instrument myself, I can also do unlimited… that’s the sign of the Divine Mother… it's a tremendous thing to understand (810524)
there are no words for Absolute, to describe it… only by negation… not this… not this… not this… then what remains is Absolute (850505)
While doing Namahs… in the Presence of the Divine… you should not budge even from where you are sitting… you should not move… your eyes should not rove about… you should not yawn… so many things… in behaviour. Once you start feeling responsible… you yourself will know how to behave… what to do… what not to do (770126.1)
Nirvaj: Pure love without any expectations (910003)
Now you have become Sahaja Yogis… you are no more English… Indians… Americans… nothing… you are Sahaja Yogis… you belong to a great… very great organisation of Sahaja Yoga… where we have to learn… we all of us have to learn, to give up what we had as our identifications… and we have to become subtler… and universal (820124)
Natural Disasters: The natural consequences, brought by Shri Ganesha when people collectively do wrong things (890808)
All our ideas of freedom are to be bound by Mariadas… you have to keep your Mariadas… if the freedom has no Mariadas, it is abandonment… it is a nonsense… it is not going to help (820402)
Parabrahma first separated into God Almighty, and His Power of Pure Desire, the Adi Shakti, which is also the Power of God's grace, and also is known as the Adi Maya (850528)
To absolutely know 'that God knows, and does, and enjoys everything… and to know that God is Love and Truth' and to know this from your heart… to feel absolutely secure in that Ocean of Love… which gives you that surrender… to know God - God Almighty… when that becomes part and parcel of your being… that is Nirvana (910002)
The Truth, the Absolute Reality, which has to be felt on your Central Nervous System (840708); Which if it is felt the same for everyone, then it is the Absolute (840702)
Today… 60th birthday of Mother was celebrated with great joy… but according to Indian method, it's the 61st because the day I was born… that also was a birthday… that was a 'real' birthday… so they call it 61 (830321)
Everything that is discovered by one person, has to become the common knowledge… otherwise it has no meaning… even in science (790608.1)
Akriya: Effortless; Spontaneous; Sahaja Yoga is a thing where there is Akriya… you don't have to 'do' anything… it is effortless… spontaneous; Only the Kundalini Jagrut is spontaneous, for the first time… not for the second time… afterwards you have to work it out (800927)

America: The Vishuddhi of the Universe - with qualities of responsibility, democracy, freedom, discretion, noble ideas (811004; 831001); Is the place of Shri Krishna, of the Virat (890611)

At the very beginning, ego and superego get sucked in, but then they come back again. But when you start giving this Divine Power to others, you start gradually deepening into your own being, and feeling your source of Joy - life becomes full of Joy and happiness (790507)

The central path of our ascent… along which the Kundalini ascends (840622)
A discovery, if it is for one individual, then it has no meaning - it has to go to the masses. Today this (Sahaja Yoga - Ed) is an en masse happening, it is not for one person (980320)

The Elephant
The wisest animal in the animal kingdom, in which the ego cannot develop (860907)

People who are bumptious… by nature they talk big… they give big stories… don’t know what they are talking… they say 'they talk through your hat'… means your ego has pierced through your hat (851009)
Assume your powers
If you are a guru, then assume your powers. Once you start assuming, all baddhas will run away… everything will run away… and you'll be surprised (920719)
Stand for the Truth

This is the first great quality of angels. Sahaja Yogis are made as angels, and the quality of 'standing for the truth', at any cost, is so easy for Sahaja Yogis. If you stand for the right, for the righteous, for the truth, then all kinds of help 'to protect you', will be given (890423)
Bombastic people: People who all the time are saying 'I… I… I…' (980321)
Left and Right
In Sahaja Yoga, we regard the left hand as the minus hand, and the right hand as the plus hand. Whatever you may do with the left hand, you are sucking in, whilst with the right hand you are giving out (800517.2)
Unless & until we develop that basic humility within ourselves... we are not going to do very well in England (820610)
So today we have to understand… that we really need those brave people… and those people who feel responsible. It is a very important virtue of Sahaja Yogis. The main thing is… what are you doing for Sahaja Yoga… what you can do… how far you can go… how you are going to work it out. In every walk of life… those who really work it out as a great responsibility upon themselves are the ones who will be given more and more powers, and chances (800505)
Better try putting some oil on your head… that’s one very important thing, Sahaja Yogis have to do… you can take vibrated oil if you like… and… I think olive oil is good… but better than olive oil, I find, is coconut oil… it is better for the growth of the hair. But sometimes you can also put almond oil… is also good for you… because if you have any problems that you feel exhausted, your nerves need attention, you are a nervous type of person, then almond oil is good for you (860504)
We should not determine ourselves, what we should do - the Spirit uses us, and if something does not work out, then we should not be upset about it. Everything is arranged and planned - if you are to do something, it will work out (960505)
The Power that looks after the trees, that brings all the leaves into the light, that looks after many thousands of such trees… this Power that does all this… we are in contact with that Power (960505)
All economic activity surrounds that one point… of property (881226); Economics is collapsing - everywhere there is recession, there are problems (980320)
If you go to that point, which is universally supplying knowledge to all of the branches of this apparent diversity, you will be amazed to find how this diversity has such a unity. You have to go to that unifying factor, to see these so called diverse things having the same unifying power (790416)
Epitome: It's highest point (Sic) (871016); As you know the Devi is called as Shailaputri… meaning born on the peak… and the tip of the Sahastrara is also called Shikara, means the Shaila, means the epitome, the peak (851020)
One of the worst problems of the West is the 'need to see the other side of everything' - to be 'fair', and therefore not to be sure of anything - you can never progress with this type of shaking behaviour (910728)
We should solve our problems pragmatically - face it and solve it (800613)
Economics says that wants in general are not satiable… individual wants can be satisfied… but wants in general are not satiable… means that this matter cannot give us satisfaction (830308)

The essence of Sahaja Yoga is protocol - if we understand protocol, we will automatically grow. Know the protocol, ask others, get their advice, how to improve the protocol, what do we do wrong (830725)
No explanations are to be given… about your mother… or your father… or whatever you have done so far, or things that have happened to you in the past - forget it! It is very important to forget the past. Now you belong to this family, which is a Holy family… of Saints - among them you are sitting (850901)
When we decide that we have to do Sahaja Yoga first, and that all other things are secondary, then only, Sahaja Yoga can be really established in us (791118)
Friday, the day linked to the Shakti of Mother (821101); Friday is the day of Shakti. If on the day of Shakti you dance, you will get that power within yourself - if in Shri Mataji's name you dance you will get the power… no doubt about it (861227)
There is a common belief, that once we get Realisation we should be perfect - it is not so, we have to work it out… to sustain our Sahaja Yoga (790507)
Today we have to understand that it is the time for the motherly qualities to develop… even a man, when he becomes motherly… he only becomes a great man. So the quality of a woman as a mother… is the power… is most important to ignite Sahaja Yoga (830821)

This fault finding actually comes from your brain, which is not yet enlightened… and you cannot enjoy anything because you react (000507)

So the women of the West must understand that the nonsensical ideas that they have taken from men, must be completely discarded… they have to become women first… but if you are a woman, and if you are dominating, then it's a difficult thing for Sahaja Yoga to cure… you have lost your quality of being a woman… at least, you have to be a woman to begin with (830821)

These flowers when you give to me, they give you two things… flowers are very important… if they are beautiful, then they give to Swadisthan… if they are fragrant, they cure your Mooladhara. Now think of it… you are doing it to improve your chakras (800927)
If the eyes are flickering before the Mother, when they are closed, or before Her Photo, then this is indicative of a problem, and the eyes should be kept open (791203)
If the flame of a candle starts flickering in front of the Photo, this means that there is a problem, and that it is being corrected by the Photo (810328)

Cool breeze is actually never 'very cold'… it's not freezing. It could be hot with some people… it could be very cool… because of their problems… but if you are a normal person, you feel a cooler sensation… it is slightly less than your body temperature… it's not so very cooling as to freeze you. If it is hot, there is something wrong with you (810524)

So oil is the one that helps you… in your ears, if you can put some olive oil, heated up… with one garlic piece in it… that's very good for the ears. So the oil is the one that keeps your Vishuddhi alright (850502); Is useful to place in the ears to prevent drying out (870408)
You are specially made by God… specially chosen by God to be human beings… and you are here with a very great purpose. The first purpose of God is that you should become the vehicles of God's powers… completely… so that he flows through you… that he flows into the atmosphere… into the Universe… to make it a Divine Place. The second purpose… that God has prepared you now to settle into His Kingdom… that is your right… to be there (831001)
One thing is there… that I brush my teeth quite a lot. Don’t use electrical toothbrushes and all that… but use brushes, or use your fingers. The best way is to rub with salt and oil… is very good for you… and allow the whole thing to come out (860504)
Sahaja Yogis should not aspire for worldly success, and worldly things… but for auspiciousness… so that they get the Blessings of God (781002)
Those problems encountered so that we may grow and mature (941009)
This is a very precious time, which should not be lost. All our lives we have done jobs, earning money, marrying, having children and dying. This time let us do something special, for which this whole Universe was created - and open the gates of Heaven for the rest of the people (791015) See: Purpose (in life)
One should try to be careful and alert about oneself, and not depend on any other person for help in this, but should try to completely consolidate one's own being into the Kingdom of God, and to occupy the highest seat in the Heart of God Almighty (790928) See: Purpose (in life)
You must know that you should never challenge anybody who's organising… never… that hurts Shri Mataji (830104)
Use water as much as you can… wash your hands 10 times… is very essential… to get your vibrations alright you must wash your hands (800927)
'Any' woman who is a Sahaja Yogini is your sister… except for your own wife. Unless and until we develop that pure feeling within ourselves, you cannot work out Sahaja Yoga… I know it's rather difficult to digest… but it's a fact (860818)

Even the dancing is a very good way of clearing out your pressures, because in the dance you go into thoughtless awareness, and also into the joy… and the joy is so fulfilling (881207)

To keep your Kalki alright, you must have that 'Awe' for God - that He is a wrathful God, that if we do wrong… He is there with His wrath… that He is 'All Pervading'… He is 'All Powerful'; He has powers to raise us to this stage of higher being… He is the most compassionate Father that we can think of… but in the same way, He has a wrath, and that wrath when it falls on you… be very very careful (790928)

The only worship of Sahaja Yoga is the 'Recognition' of Sahaja Yoga, and the knowledge of whom you are facing (830204); If you want to really worship the Adi Shakti, what you have to think is, what are the devils within you… that's all… what we have to do is to kill the devils within ourselves… that's all (961020)

Shri Krishna taught that the lower goal is to be given up for the higher goal (830202)
There's another thing called Primrose oil, that you can get… 2 or 3 drops of that, if you can take it in the water, that will also soothe your Vishuddhi (850502)
For right side problems, beat with shoes (870408)
While doing Namahs… in the Presence of the Divine… you should not budge even from where you are sitting… you should not move… your eyes should not rove about… you should not yawn… so many things… in behaviour. Once you start feeling responsible… you yourself will know how to behave… what to do… what not to do (770126.1)
The women have to be… great, large, receptive, receiving and nourishing. So a woman must try to be a woman, and a man must try to be a man (830821)
Neatness: Is important, if you wish to establish the Mother: "I cannot live with untidiness" (850806); All of you should put everything neatly… we have to compete… in getting up earlier, in finishing our bath earlier, in putting everything neatly… be smart, be quick (871224)
Natural Disaster: The natural consequences, brought by Shri Ganesha when people collectively do wrong things (890808)
The Neem trees that grow in India, are very good for driving out all the baddhas. Also if you have scabies or any skin trouble, then boil the water with this and take a bath. It's a very bitter thing… if you don't allow the water to go in your mouth, then it's perfectly alright… it's very good… it's a very medicinal thing. It's called as Neem (881207)
The shakti is the woman… man cannot do without the woman… she's the power behind him… but how you treat your shakti… how you look after your wife… is very important (971231)
Some people think it is smart to speak in a rude manner, or it is very intelligent to be sharp on people… but no-one likes this kind of personality… maybe on a TV, people like to see you… but not as a companion or a friend. To speak in a very sweet manner is a sign of good breeding, of a fear of God. Those who fear God, will never speak rudely to another person, because in the other person also, the same Spirit is shining (870114)
Sahaja Yoga works out after actually there are more than seven people. There is a mathematics about it… you must know… that for everything there is a mathematics… everything works out in a mathematics. Why it is so… it has been made like that (770126.1)
The things that impress people the most, are firstly simplicity, and then secondly, what you have sacrificed… for Sahaja Yoga or for anything that you are doing… how much you have dedicated yourself… not what you have achieved out of it, but what you have sacrificed… that's very important… try to sacrifice something (800907)
If there is sickness, it means that there is something wrong - if one is working for God, then one must be healthy (790416)
You don't have to take to Sanyasa or anything… you should live like normal people… like dignified people… nothing of indignity, childishness or joker-like, clownish or outstandingly funny… all these dresses should not be worn. You should be properly dressed, in a way that you have a 'presence' (800927)
Thoughts of the Sublime help us in our ascent, help us to rise. For others it is the thoughts of the ridiculous that are important (850806)
One should not feel shy about Sahaja Yoga… otherwise what happens… that it just melts away with you… don’t feel shy… you should talk about it… wear the badge… with the badge people will ask you questions… 'who is this one'… then you talk to them… any way you like, you should expose yourself… and that will work out better (000507)
Do you know that in modern times the symbol of Sahaja Yoga is a horseshoe shape… is very auspicious (800721)
You all have to be very strong people… you all have to be extremely strong. If you are not strong enough, how are you going to pull out the rest of them. People who are mediocre think that gradually they will be alright, and that they'll come up… but I would suggest that you should make an all out effort, to become strong Sahaja Yogis (871219)
No unmarried girl has to go with an unmarried man… it's not done in Sahaja Yoga (810904)
But then a person, who is a Realised Soul becomes very soft, very delicate… when he talks to somebody, in his voice there is warmth… or I should say… in your dealings with others… you should be like the water… which is mobile… which is cooling… soothing… cleansing (981216)
Christ has suffered for us… we don't have to suffer any more… this idea of suffering is all nonsensical… you should not suffer at all (831001); There is no need for suffering anymore (830129)
Now I always say 'all sins are forgiven'… but not after Realisation… they are added up, sometimes multiplied. After Realisation if you start doing all these nonsensical things again, you will go down very fast, and very very low… so be careful. To think that all sins are forgiven, and we can put our attention anywhere, we can see this side, that side, watch everyone… that's not good. We have to keep our attention straight (871224)
One must understand that what is important is not what you know… what is important is what stage you have reached… at what maturity you are, in Sahaja Yoga (930721)
Now we must meditate also after Puja, because my vibrations you do not suck in without meditation, I have seen. If you have sincerity about it, really… you will suck all my vibrations. Tell your mind not to ask questions or to misbehave… but to suck the vibrations clearly. This is for your own nourishment… for your own growth… for your own enjoyment (800505)
If there is a problem of the right side, it is better to use the Chandrama mantra (800517.2)
Before meditation and after meditation try to keep quiet for a while… and if there are thoughts, then you have to say 'not this'… 'not this'… 'not this'… (871224); If you see any thoughts coming in you should say 'I forgive'… is a very big mantra… and the thoughts will stop (880921); Forgive… forgive… this is the only way you can stop your thoughts… just forgive (801230)
The vicious circle that exists of left Vishuddhi, which only becomes worse, if you tell someone that they have it, or if you try to overcome it in some way, and which is to be corrected by facing up to it, and telling yourself 'No… No more' (850901)
We have to keep the purity of Sahaja Yoga… Suchitta. We must understand Sahaja Yoga in it's purist form… that now, when we have got the Yoga… we have to settle down… and also… purify ourselves, in relation to Sahaja Yoga; Once you start maturing, understandingly, properly… then you have to keep a certain amount of Suchitta, purity. If you do not keep that Suchitta… within yourself, and that truthfulness about it, you won't progress that fast… it is for you to do it… if you do not do it, you are the loser (791009.1)
Christ was 'complete subtlety' personified, he was Sukshma, so subtle that he walked on the water… he was nothing but Pranava, just vibrations… that he walked on the water. There was no Jera Tattwa, grossness, in him (871225)
When Sahaja Yogis become uncollective, saying this is my house, this is my home… my privacy… my wife, my child, my things… or, I cannot come to Puja, because I have this problem, or I cannot do this work for Sahaja Yoga because I have that problem… when they become uncollective, then in a very subtle way this Mother Earth which is represented as our Kundalini gets upset, and she starts acting in a manner which can be very dangerous for people (860803)
Whatever I can do with the limited instrument myself, I can also do unlimited… that’s the sign of the Divine Mother… it's a tremendous thing to understand ( 810524)
Happiness and unhappiness are the shadows of ego and superego. Nothing should make you unhappy, and nothing should befool you. Tell yourself 'nothing should pamper me and nothing can hurt me'. This way we overcome the ego and superego, and with this enlightened intelligence, we gain in wisdom (800517.1)

In Sahaja Yoga we start talking in the third person e.g. we start using the 'it' word, as in "It… is flowing" etc. (790616), when giving Realisation (871016)

Now try to see that you don't 'want' anything any more… now, lets give… we've had enough of it… that's very important to understand - give to others… your friends… it's very touching you know (960710)
Occurs when Prana and Manna become one - when we are in meditation, and putting our attention on our heart or emotions, and we also reduce our breathing, in such a way that we stop our breathing (0.0001); The last stage that one has to reach in one's ascent. Also means 'bangle' as the glass bangles worn by the Goddess (860921.1)
When talking to somebody who is a negative person, or when telling somebody about Sahaja Yoga, you should say 'we'… not 'I'… 'we… some of us have got… yes some of us have… I know some of us have this… we… we all… we the body of Sahaja Yogis'… so the ego will become much less (830113)
We have entered into the Universal Pure Religion, and we should be proud of it; We have certain powers… and these powers increase, when we humble down - they do not increase with arrogance… with arrogance one can only become stupid… that's the only end of arrogance. So with humility, one should know that now you belong to Sahaja Culture, and Sahaja Culture is that of humility… if you are not humble, then you have not yet achieved your Sahaja Yoga (880921)
The most intelligent person is the one who knows that our intellect is just an ego trip… this is the sign of Pure Intelligence… of Pure Understanding… that the heart is the ruler… there resides the Spirit which is the most intelligent thing within us… and the inspiration of the Spirit is the manifestation of the Pure Intellect of God… and what I told you today is the Intellect of the Heart… but of the brain… zero (820402)
Not to use all such words that show our guilt, but rather use words that show our humility (850901)
money is needed for this work… you have to earn… you have to give money. Some are not even willing to give £10… such people… with them where am I going to do Sahaja Yoga… in a subtler way, for your own betterment you have to give money. For solving this problem you have to give me rice… you put it in my sari (800927)