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First Wedding in India 1984
 Passport, Photo, & Wedding Silver 
UK Customs Officer who fled
when he saw the Photo

+Jan 2016
protection afforded by Sahaja Yoga
over the years
x .
o Day when news of Mother's Passing arrived;
o Nigeria episode & saved from anger of ex leader;
o Builder at Brompton Sq about to attack a S.Yogi;
o In Harrow man going to 'sort out' colleague
o At Circuit Training in Hammersmith;
o Invisible at Gunnersbury & Hyde Park;
o Indian Customs & Photo in cases;
o Similar in UK but Photo held inside passport;
o In Excel Centre - man wanting Literature

[Mostly, all stories told separately elsewhere]
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Some of Mother's Words spoken to Nick
* India: Tell everyone what you are doing !
i.e. this Website
* Ccnnot mix sex with seeking for God can you?!
* You are too strong for most of them
* Must have been born near midnight
* You are going to do a lot for Me
* Came to SY through Pure Intelligence
* Not to use Puja Water for gargling
* You might have to suffer a little bit
* Must have been born in India previous life
* I already know... those..
who will be with me at the end
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When using the incorrect
Photo ID card
Matthew &
'Coke' bottle football

+June 2016

Football slamming into side of face
at Max's place - just like a caress

+June 2016
Our Beloved Gregoire going to sort Nick
at Puja but stopped in his tracks

x +Jan 2016

Dreaming of our Much Beloved
Super Mother

+June 2016