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The P o s s i b i l i t i e s
(an Introduction to the so many Miracles found in Sahaja Yoga)

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Some of the Many Miracles, Insights & other Interesting stories in Sahaja Yoga
These miracles are in no special order, & are simply recorded as & when prompted to write them down, before they are lost to eternity.
They are in no way intended to impress or to have any sort of a special effect upon anyone... but simply to record the miraculous nature of
our Most Beloved Holy & Divine Mother, and to reveal perhaps just a tiny little bit... of some of the things She is more than capable of...
Nothing that is here written down, is capable of doing even the slightest justice to Shri Mataji... who is above all... & whom we cannot even
think of getting anywhere close enough to... to even approach anywhere near to... She... who is The Absolute... The Ultimate... and beyond...

Finally, after the somewhat discomforting discoveries... regarding the seeming lack of belief or faith amongst some Sahaja Yogis, it was
felt that perhaps it might be a good thing to redress the balance somewhat, by recounting as many as possible of the miraculous events
that have been experienced over the years... & as you will see, there have indeed been many.
These stories were first offered to the editor of the 'Recollections' series of books for possible inclusion... but due to the constraints
imposed on her by her publishers, all the accounts offered were so truncated, in fact to such a degree that all the wonder, all the amazing
miraculous nature of the stories, all the awe & atmosphere... the suspense, the humour & yes, just simply the 'awesome wonder' of it all,
seemed to be lost. To this humble Sahaja Yogi, this seemed to be the loss of the very 'essence' of the nature of what is after all a series of
stories of amazing Divine Grace, in the events being recounted. If they would even now be included 'as written', they might still be included.
So... ultimately... in any case, all is not lost... & instead, they are being recounted here... and for all who venture to read these pages. Enjoy...

Shri Mataji Prasanna

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