Welcome & Introduction
This section is devoted to a commentary on Whatever Shri Mataji has said to Sahaja Yogis over the past 35 years or so, in the way of advice mostly to the body of Sahaja Yogis as a whole... in other words in a collective setting.

As we are approaching the time, which must surely be quite close now, when we will be subject to scrutiny as we have not experienced it before, by the world's media, it behoves us to put our house in order, so that we will be more credible to the 'at first' occasional & curious glances that we will undoubtedly attract... & then to the more & more serious 'in depth' scutiny which is bound to occur as time moves on.

It seems that... due no doubt to many varied reasons... many of us the world over have arrived at sometimes widely differing explanations or understandings of Shri Mataji's Teachings. We should all surely be sufficiently aware of the true nature of what... or who... we are dealing with in the context of Sahaja Yoga... & therefore will be equally aware that what we face in Sahaja Yoga is a body of knowledge that is Absolute... not relative. Anyone who studies Sahaja Yoga with sufficient dedication, will ulimately arrive at the same conclusions. If Sahaja Yoga comes from The Absolute, there can be no so called 'interpretations'... if there are, it can only mean that we somehow are deficient in a true understanding of what our Mother has been telling us. So if there exists a range of views, or opinions held by individuals or groups, then we should know that to that extent we are 'away from the central path' & exhibiting the effects of our own cherished personal concepts. We all are bound by our dedication & devotion to our Mother... to objectively examine with care what our Beloved Mother has imparted to us... & to arrive ultimately at the simple yet unalterable conclusion... which is the Absolute Knowledge that is Sahaja Yoga.

To this end, it has been decided to place here, any documents that are available which clarify those Teachings of Shri Mataji, based on the extracts & excerpts contained in this site, or in accord with them, & which will explain in simple but clear English the various principles that She has taught us. It is hoped as a result that all Sahaja Yogis, spread far & wide over the entire world will as a result come closer & closer in their understanding & practice of our Much Beloved Mother's Divine Sahaja Yoga...
as taught by She who is
Sakshat... The Absolute ... Parabrahma Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi
Jai Shri Mataji