For those who have
been calling for a Site Map or Index, here it is. (Actually this was the
first attempt at a SiteMap, and has now been replaced by this more advanced version.
Currently you may find the SiteMap at Tab 6, along the bottom of the screen, but the

Website is now constructed like just one outsized SiteMap, & may be treated as such).
These files are mostly Adobe Acrobat pdf files, & have been designed to be viewed at their best
on a Desktop Computer. Since the advent of the Smartphone, with it's very small screen, we now
have a new problem, not always being able to view all of the pages properly. It is not uncommon
to find many multi-page documents. Of course we do not want to lose any of Mother's
Precious Advices, so asap work will continue to try & find an answer to this problem.
When you click on an item listed on the left or the right, the file will appear here, in the centre
of the screen. For the 'Charts & Listings', you may be given the option of selecting a link which will
take you to that area of the web site, where these files are held, or if you prefer you may choose
to stay here and continue with browsing these files... and leave the charts/listings for later.

As already mentioned, all the major topics listed here are presented as pdf files, being the main
topics shown on this site. The remaining entries, mostly much smaller in size, are now to be found
in Index of Minor entries which is to be found at the top of each alphabetical listing.