yes?... ok... that's good... & maybe you also felt some other things... like... very
peaceful inside. very quiet... relaxed... &... possibly a release of tension... perhaps
you have also found a release from the ceaseless turmoil of endlessly thinking...
thinking... thinking - true peace at last.. Some will feel great joy.. & a 'release'
generally.. or a feeling of 'coming home'
All these & other feelings are signs that an inner transformation has taken place... one
which cannot ever be 'totally' lost, but which will need nurturing & looking after... to get
the full benefits that are there to be had by all who wish it. . It is an energy which
belongs to you... & which knows you very well... & which has only your welfare at heart.
The benefits are truly tremendous .
It is the loving & compassionate maternal energy known as the Kundalini... which is the
energy that has resided in us since long, waiting for this moment in 'time', this 'age'
when the 'en-masse' enlightenment of humanity will take place.. effortlessly.. peacefully..
spontaneously, as a result of the on-going evolutionary process of God's Creation of
which we are all a part .
It is a part of the natural order of things... & so cannot be purchased... or paid for
It is your natural 'right' as one of God's Created children. Come along & take it.. & enjoy

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