Shri Mataji
Born 21st March 1923 on a Wednesday at 12 o'clock midday on the cusp of Pisces and Aries
Shri Mataji was with Mahatma Gandhi as a child… because he liked her very much… he used to call her Nepali, because she had a 'Nepali face'… & he used to talk with her as if he's talking to his grandmother sometimes… he was extremely sweet person to children… strict with himself… & straight with others… with elderly people
Shri Mataji... who has come in the Mahamaya form so that the seekers will not be frightened; Who has come to complete the work of all the Incarnations that came before; A very ancient personality, who has no need for any Guru; Whose nature is not to receive, but to give; Who is like the Mother Earth who sprouts the seeds; Who came to find out a method, by which en-masse Realisation can be given; Who says… 'I did not discover it… I know it… there is no discovery at all… I know… somehow I know… which you should find out… about me… how I know - it is a discovery for you… but for me it is not… alright

Who studied in Lahore Medical College… because she wanted to know, in medicine, what people called such & such thing… because she knew all about the body… about everything… about the complete Central Nervous System… but did not know the vocabulary attached to it. So she studied there for two years. When the war broke out… she discontinued her studies… & then she married Mr C P Shrivastava. During all this time… her only full time work was to find out about human beings… what were the problems they had… how they avoided Reality… how they shunned it. Then in 1970, on the 5th May… 'I was a little hesitant at that time… I thought I should wait… but certain circumstances made me to open the last Centre… & when I opened the last Centre… it started working with others, on an en-masse scale'. But first… she gave Realisation to one lady who came to her house
Who started Her work in 1970 with 1 person, with 1 lady, & later worked with 6 people in England for 4 years; Who came to England in 1973, & who put the maximum effort into this land of England, until Her farewell, when She left England, following the retirement of Sir CP in 1989; One of whose homes was on the Twyburn Brook, mentioned by William Blake; Who was tortured by the English (in India - Ed), yet who spent so much time in England… where She worked the most… "because England is the heart… & the heart should not fail"