What is Sahaja Yoga

The Spontaneous Union of the individual consciousness... with the All Pervading Divine Power... through the awakening of the residual power of the Kundalini... which lies dormant within all human beings in the triangular bone at the base of the spine, called the sacrum - the sacred bone

The innate universal pure religion of Divine Love, within us... which when enlightened within... produces in the seeker quite spontaneously... a truly religious, moral, peaceful, compassionate and powerful... 'enlightened personality'. This Sahaja Yoga, the communion with the Divine, is your birthright as a human being. Sahaja Yoga is the union between you and God. Is the only way to get Self Realisation - there is no other way out, and which first came to England in 1973, with Shri Mataji                        click for more....

To be worked out not on the mental level, but on the spiritual level; Work it out through the heart not the brain - Is a living process, just like the sprouting of a seed, and is therefore God's work - He has to do it

Sahaja Yoga is a very different type of a living process - when you get Realisation, it starts transforming you, & then others. First you receive the light, then you generate the light. Sahaja Yoga is for the emancipation of all the humanity. It's not for one country... or for one person… it's for the whole humanity... Sahaja Yoga is a global movement
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