The Spirit
The reflection of God Almighty (or Sadashiva), in the heart; Not seen, but by which we become aware of the Divine, become aware of our chakras and nadis (961020); It is your Spirit which is going to guide you… so if you want to develop the strength of your Spirit… you have to listen to it (891203)… is an Absolute thing (860707.1) Spirit is the solution… is the Collective Being… it is the source of all the vitality… of the creativity… and of the joy and bliss (821008)

If your attention is somehow turned towards the Spirit then what happens to you is that you become the power of the spirit, and the power of the Spirit is the highest power that you can think of (980320); The best way to be with your Spirit, is to forgive… because then your thoughts will go away… and the less you think... and the faster you move with your Realisation - do not argue it out, or think it out, but just try to become… you have to become (800907); Then we are ruled by our hearts… rather than by our brains. And the more you depend on your vibratory awareness… the more you use your heart, your Spirit, and not your brain. The more you use your brain… again you go down (800721)