Sahaja Yoga is the union between you and God… and the sincerity must be full… must be complete. Any kind of insincerity is extremely detrimental. So you must have sincerity about yourself… and then you will start enjoying Sahaja Yoga. It is very important… to create integration within you, because if it is 'sincerity', it is coming from your heart… and then your body, mind, intelligence… everything will work hard to fulfil it… but if it is not coming from your heart, it is going to be a superficial thing. So you try to feel it from your heart… that's what it means, sincerity.
This transformation within you is going to change the whole world… people are going to see… that you are no more a confused or a doubting person… and neither you are a fanatic… or a blind person… but you are alert, and aware… and can see things better than others. The more alert you become, the more the Divine takes interest… but this alertness is nothing but the enlightenment of your sincerity… and sincerity is the thing that means… you are loyal to your Self. Sincerity is my nature… I don't have to strive for it… I cannot get out of it. Now… if I am your ideal… you should try and imbibe my nature within yourself… and then you'll be amazed how you are connected with me… then we all move like one wave, one being, one personality (800505)