Rutumbhara Pragnya
All happens according to the Rutumbhara Pragnya (830725); The Power of the Adi Shakti, that does all the creation (960609); Is the new state made possible by our Mother, and which results from maturing into the third Samadhi state of meditation, and in which we see and feel, and experience everywhere, the manifestation of that Deity, the object of our worship, in everything that we do, and in all that we experience in our life (830723.1); When Rutumbhara Pragnya starts expressing itself for Sahaja Yogis - for nobody else - you are amazed how things work out suddenly, automatically. There is no end to it - it just happens… people don't know how it happens (830723.1)
It exists in the Divine, the capacity to manifest it's love, to show that you are Saints, that you are the chosen ones of God - but you must accept that situation first. But if you behave like all other normal people, it will never happen. Know that you are Saints, chosen and given birth by the Adi Shakti, the 'Form' and the 'Formless.' So this Pragnya is going to manifest, is manifesting every moment - be prepared, be happy, welcome it and accept that you are there (830723.1)