The essence of Sahaja Yoga is protocol - if we understand protocol, we will automatically grow. Know the protocol, ask others, get their advice, how to improve the protocol, what do we do wrong (830725); If with faith, we learn protocol we will not feel bad about it (800518); When in the presence of our Mother, we should realise in whose presence we are, and why we have come. This is not the time to talk loudly and move about, and have fun - this is a meditative time, we have come for a very special purpose, to be meditative - silence must be established within and without. We must know the protocol part of it… what do we say… to whom are we talking… we cannot make fun… or joke. You cannot be frivolous, or shallow with somebody so intense; We have come here at a very important time. Historically this is a very important time, and when we are with our Mother is the most important time, of that important time - we should take full advantage of that… in the real sense of the word. Those who are wise take the best advantage, which is the growth within; Before you, stands someone who has control over all the centres, over all the powers, who is All Powerful. How much advantage you have taken of that is the important thing (830723.3)