Love is the only way that Sahaja Yoga is going to spread, no other way. Love is a source of energy that makes things grow - it is a living energy… the water of pure love that is to be given to another, so that he comes closer to Reality (910728)… Reality is achieved… through the heart… not the brain (910728); The magnet of Shri Ganesha is Pure Love, and when it is awakened in you, people will start running towards your ashrams, instead of running away (860907);When dealing with people, do so with love (791015); Love is the most powerful thing (790507)
The Spirit is the one that loves, unconditionally - it just flows. It is the source of Love, Peace and Joy… love is the solution (980320); The expression of love is very spontaneous… but for that spontaneity to come, you must get rid of your habits… (850310); The ultimate love is pure, unattached, unlimited love - when we dissolve into the Ocean of Divine Love (910003); Love is the universal energy, is so pure, so purifying, so joy giving. God wants to use us as His instruments, for the flow of His Love (790416); Love is the basis of all this creation. God has created this world, this Universe only because He loved, and He wants to bestow this blessing on you, because He loves you (791015)