There is only one category which should not have humility… that is the Incarnations. So Shri Mataji cannot have humility, She cannot humble down Herself… She is not supposed to. No Incarnation was humble… they cannot… because they have no guilt. Shri Mataji may act as a very humble person, but there is no humility of any kind within Her; Humility is a very human… a very special quality only the bhaktas have. It is such a beautiful quality of taking the showers of Bliss, and a person who cannot take, is so lonely; If you are to keep connection with the Divine, you have to be humble… there's no other way (850901); The powers we have… increase when we humble down (880921)
The basic seeking power is humility… if you think you know everything, you cannot humble down… and you cannot seek; One thing is very important is the humility… you should be a humble person… not think that you are something special… or some sort of a self important person… once you think you are important, then you are not part and parcel of the whole… how can one part be so important… if you start thinking like that, anywhere in your journey of Sahaja Yoga, then I must say you are not in Sahaja Vasta, the Sahaja State (000507); Those who are humble will get to the Kingdom of Heaven, not the arrogant… the humble have a right to be joyous (871024)