Shri Ganesha's complete dedication is to the Mother… is not to any other thing… not to any other Deity - he goes to all of them… he respects all of them, through the understanding of the Mother. But some people cannot do that… they still stick on to some sort of Deity… some sort of ideology… then they are not fully in connection with me - and that is what he is… that he is just in connection with his Mother. To him, She is everything… She is the source of knowledge… She is the source of joy… She is the source of truth… he doesn't have to look anywhere else. Now it looks very egoistical to say these things in modern times… but you can understand… that if you have to gain anything… if you have to achieve any knowledge within… if you have to ascend higher… then you have to learn from Shri Ganesha… what he does… and what is his relationship with his Mother (930721); When the whole world is going to be destroyed completely, it is very important that you 'cling' on to the thing that is going to save you… with 'complete might' and 'complete faith' (820731)
So many have worked for Sahaja Yoga with such dedication, without even being aware of how hard they have worked, or how much they have done, and without getting any material gain out of it. This dedication is directed by the Divine (900100)