Declaration 1
Today is the day… I declare that I am the One who has to save the humanity. I declare… I am the One who is Adi Shakti, who is the Mother of all the mothers, who is the Primordial Mother, the Shakti, the Desire of God, who has incarnated on this Earth, to give it's meaning to itself, to this creation, to human beings… and I am sure… through My Love and Patience and My Powers… I am going to achieve it. I was the One who was born again and again. But now in my complete form and complete powers, I have come on this Earth, not only for salvation of human beings, not only for their emancipation, but for granting them the Kingdom of Heaven, the Joy, the Bliss that your Father wants to bestow upon you. So be confident and be joyous and be happy… that all my Powers will protect you, my Love will nourish you, and my Nature will fill you with Peace and Joy… May God Bless You" (791202.1)
[Declaration 2]