We are not to be afraid of any society… we have to come out of it… we have to teach them… 'whatever is good, we are going to do… whether you like it or not'… that's the sign of a Saint. For Sahaja Yogis, it is very important to have that courage within themselves (880710); And once you have this, you will not deter from doing anything that is important… you will not go round and round… but you will know how to find the solution, and how to work it out. This will happen to you, if you really know yourself… you will have such powers of courage - you will not be daredevil, but with wisdom. Courage and wisdom you will have… your Spirit will give you lots of wisdom and lots of courage. There's no struggle… and no fight… just standing with courage and doing whatever is right… and that is possible because you have now the connection with the Almighty… you have the connection with the Paramchaitanya… and that will work out everything (010321); God is Almighty… he can do anything… and now you have become the messenger of that. God Almighty gives you all the strength, all the courage… and also, his compassion… his love… his attention, and his understanding (920719)