Adi Shakti
The Feminine, Pure Desire Power of God Almighty; The Pure Love and Compassion of God Almighty, which does all the work of Creation (930606; 950910); Who destroys the evil forces to save Her children from negativity; Who gives rise to the 3 Shaktis… Mahakali (Comforting), Mahasaraswati (Counselling), Mahalakshmi (Redeeming and Awakening), and also to Amba, the Kundalini; Who is Parashakti, beyond all these powers, the Power of Sadashiva, of God Almighty (900923; 890524); The Devi, the Goddess (891008.1); Who integrates and unites everything (890524); The Power of God's Grace, and who is also Adi Maya, and had to assume ego so that She could create, firstly by creating the three powers (850528); First the Desire Power on the left side is created, then the action power (unless there is desire there cannot be action), and then the interaction of these two produces the third power, of evolution, whilst the Adi Shakti remains as the Residual Power, after creating these other three. So the fourth power is the Kundalini, which is the reflection of the Adi Shakti in human beings (850528)