Unintentional Offence against Protocol

There was one occasion, where we all were accompanying Shri Mataji at a concert somewhere, where a well known Indian Musician was playing for Mother. It was at a school somewhere, and the musician was sitting cross-legged on the stage, facing Mother who was sitting in the front row as she was the main guest, and he had his legs covered by a shawl of some sort or other.

The concert was well under way, when at some point, the artist slightly shifted his position, for reasons of comfort only, but in the process he accidentally exposed one of his feet, which ended up pointing directly towards Shri Mataji. We all know that for reasons of Protocol, you cannot point your feet towards Mother, it is very insulting, so what happened next is very enlightening.

Without hesitation, without the slightest pause, Shri Mataji rose and swiftly walked the full width, the entire width of the auditorium and sat down next to the person who was sitting there at the end of the row, and engaged that person in some sort of conversation, til the situation was resolved in some other way.

See: The essence of Sahaja Yoga is Protocol

Jai Shri Mataji

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