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The £1 booklet on Sahaja Yoga

Many Many of these £1 booklets have been ordered and reordered, printed, distributed, again and again, sent to all points of the compass without anyone taking seriously the effects that they would have on all the Seekers of the world whose only desire was to satisfy their desire for as much knowledge as they could muster about Sahaja Yoga. We here in Britain must surely wake up and accept much of the responsibility for this disaster.

It has now been rewritten and replaced by another hopefully better edition.

In the meantime, this original booklet was so impressive in its appearance, that it held sway for a very long time, and there was quite a resistance to its overhaul. The fact that it held such a strong position for so long, and was accepted as the standard for such a long time, has now dictated that the requisite measures to counteract its effect should now without delay be taken.

There are so many errors within this edition, that although it now is quite a long time ago, and in spite of there being still many copies available to distribute, it is now thought necessary to expose them to the light of day.

The largest of these errors which circulated right round the world, was that the quality of Responsibility was attributed mistakenly to the Right Heart Chakra instead of to its rightful place of the Vishuddhi Chakra.

The quality found on the right Heart chakra is Sankoch which has no English ‘single word’ equivalent. The quality of Responsibility found at the Vishuddhi chakra is a very dry quality, lacking in those qualities of love and compassion, so obviously present in the Sankoch quality of Shri Ram found on the right Heart.

Responsibility is very definitely placed at the Vishuddhi chakra by our Guru Shri Mataji, who has repeatedly told us that is where it belongs. Who are we to ignore what She is saying to us, has been saying to us all, over so many years now. We must be very very ignorant… or very very stupid – sorry… but there is now no other way out here.

Go to the section on Audio clips to see many clips from many parts of the world over the many years, at

In addition there are also errors at the following locations:

Pg 12 Swadisthan – Creativity should be labeled as of the Artistic quality, not the Procreative variety – some yogis are teaching that there is a connection with the groin! Groin is Mooladhara.

Pg 16 Materialism – "Now we are materialistic. It’s a good idea to be materialistic". -  This really does not sound like Shri Mataji at all, and should be ignored.

Pg 18 Heart chakra – \should be Sankoch & NOT Responsibility… see above.

Pg 19 Heart treatment: Deep breathing to clear the Centre Heart while exhaling repeating Jagadambe 12 times.  -   In Meditation generally, we experience shallower breathing as we go deeper.

Pg 20 Vishuddhi – should include Responsibility.

Pg 21 Left Vishuddhi – should include smoking.

Pg 31 – Dose or Doze???

Pg 34 Rotation shown wrong way round.

Pg 39 – Affirmations should be said 3x for front Agnya, and once only at back Agnya

Pg 48 – Liver is nearer the base of rib cage

Note. We also should always try to emulate Shri Mataji, saying as She always does, Sahastrara with a ‘t’.

So if you have one of these booklets, just treat it as something of passing historical interest, remembering that the above mentioned errors do all need correcting.

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