The Spirit

The reflection of God Almighty (or Sadashiva), in the heart; The spectator, the 'Knower of the field' (810829); Sat/Truth…
Chit/Attention… Ananda/Joy… residing in the heart (810928); Not seen, but by which we become aware of the Divine, become aware of our chakras
& nadis (961020); That which knows everything about us… that which sees everything… sees our own hands… yet is not those hands… that which
sees all these things, is us - the Spirit (790616); Which is untarnishable, which cleanses you & gives you light (840708); The Atma (851128), which
is the source of Absolute Truth & Joy… the Spirit which is important - the rest is zero, is unimportant (821101); It is beyond the mind (830512)

The mobility of our movement is so great… I would say 360 degrees… because you are stationed in the centre, in your spirit.
You can move any way you like, as long as you are centred in your spirit. But this is an important point which we need… that
we are centred in our spirit… and whatever movement we do… as long as we are centred in our spirit… is necessary for our
growth… for the growth of the collective (850310); Beauty and auspiciousness go hand in hand… they are not two things…
because beauty is a thing that gives joy to your Spirit, and auspiciousness is the same, which gives joy to your Spirit (800927)

In English, the 'spirit' could be… the Atma… could be an alcohol… or spirit could be a dead body. So the Atma, the Spirit has
to be found out… it is said even by Mohammed Saab… he said you have to become the Pir… it is said by Zoroaster… by Lau Tzu…
also by Zen… Buddha and Mahavira have said it… everyone of them has said it… the truth… that you have to be born again (840622)

The Spirit is existing… creating waves… it vibrates… without any percussion. For example… to make a sound… I have to clap my
hand, one to another… or, supposing… a stone… thrown in a pond… has to hit the water… to create that pattern of waves… but the
Spirit… just without any percussion, it creates. It is said that Spirit is Nisbund… it is not a thing that goes into percussion… it
doesn’t create this Bundana. For example, I am sitting here… you can feel my vibrations… the waves are coming… without any
percussion… it just emits - in the same way… your Spirit. Maybe you feel it when you touch it, through your Kundalini when it is
awakened… but when it is connected to your attention… then your attention receives those waves without percussion… which flow in
your hands as Chaitanya Lahari, as these waves… and because it is coming from the Absolute, you get a complete answer about
the Absolute, from this (791009.1)

What is it makes you believe that you are the pure Spirit. You are the pure Spirit because whatever is the description of the
pure Spirit, that it is aware of the Divine Power… that is how you are… because only through the pure Spirit as your personality,
you can be aware of the All Pervading Power… this is written in all the Shastras, in all the scriptures… you know about your own
chakras, your own nadis… and you can see yourself very clearly (961020)

It is your Spirit which is going to guide you… so if you want to develop the strength of your Spirit… you have to listen to it
(891203); You can manoeuvre the Kundalini, but not the Spirit… you can raise your hand… the Kundalini will move… you can give it
a bandhan… it will go round and round… but what about the Spirit… you cannot manoeuvre it… you have to bring the Kundalini
to look after it… you have to take the Kundalini there… to the heart, so that this 'little offspring' just now, has to be carefully
developed and matured (830821); The Spirit cannot be killed by anyone… it is eternal… and Christ had to prove it… with His
resurrection (811006)

Spirit is the solution… it is the Collective Being… it is the source of all the vitality… of the creativity… and of the joy and bliss
(821008); Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty, which resides in the heart actually… but the seat of the Spirit is here, on top of
your head, where is the fontanelle bone area… but it resides in the heart… it is the collective being (821007; 900811.2)… is an
Absolute thing (860707.1)

If we are not worried about the Spirit, then there will be all sorts of problems - open the heart fully to Sahaja Yoga, to the
Spirit (821101); If your attention is somehow turned towards the Spirit then what happens to you is that you become the power of
the spirit, and the power of the Spirit is the highest power that you can think of (980320); The best way to be with your Spirit, is
to forgive… because then your thoughts will go away… the less you think… and the faster you move with your Realisation - do not
argue it out, or think it out, but just try to become… you have to become (800907); The understanding of the spirit is only possible
for people who have understood the meaning of Lakshmi principle first of all. Once you are absolutely satisfied with the material
wealth, then you start coming to the spirit (860921.1)

The Self… is absolutely self satisfied… it does not need anything to satisfy itself… it is satisfaction personified… it just sees…
watches… witnesses… it knows. And you don’t have to tell or to express too much… it is self-expressing… if… if you are a clean
person… if your desires are clean… and that you just have pure desire to ascend. So again I have to talk about Kundalini… that you
must have a Kundalini completely establishing itself within you… completely expressing within you… and enlightening your Self.
Such a Kundalini should be there… and only possible if you do not put hurdles in her growth - if you allow it to grow… it grows and it
works out. I see sometimes when you are overjoyed, you dance and sing… that’s something really very good… but all the time your
Spirit should dance, at the smallest things… at a little thing that is made… say something artistic that you see… a gesture of
kindness… a gesture of gratitude… you feel it - that depth of feeling (010321)

The Spirit is a sensitive thing… and so that it should shine in your attention… you should know that your attention has to be
congenial to the Spirit. If the attention is not congenial… then the Spirit doesn't shine. So steady the attention by balancing the eyes,
the thoughts, the desires. Keep the attention integrated with your 'being'… not with your ego - this is where discretion comes in (801116)

The Spirit is the one that loves, unconditionally - it just flows. Spirit is the source of Love and also of Peace, but also of Joy-
joy starts bubbling in your life. Then also it is the source of Truth - on your finger tips you will know. The Spirit resides in
you like a Light - it is a light in you. It cannot be destroyed by any weapon - it lives, and lives for ever (980320); Atma is all the
time giving… it cannot receive - that is why it is untarnishable… it is insurmountable… nothing… nobody… can dominate it… it is
'above' (.0011); When our attention goes to something away from the Spirit, then the problems are there - are you one with your
Spirit. It works because it is in connection with the God Almighty… with the All Pervading Power (980320)

The heart has got seven auras around it… which get enlightened by the Spirit… it's a very instantaneous or you can
say simultaneous happening. But, before that… when the Kundalini rises… there are the seven centres represented on the seven
seats in our brain… all the Sahaja Yogis know where they are. So when these centres are enlightened… the auras start shining in
the heart. And 'this' centre is actually the seat of the Spirit… the Spirit has moved from there and has gone to the heart…
that’s why in childhood you'll find there's an opening here… it's a very soft bone called as the Fontanelle Bone, the Talu… because
the Spirit comes out from there and is settled on the heart. You know Spirit also comes out in the night sometimes… goes round
and sees - it's so (800721)

So when the Kundalini rises… first these centres get enlightened here… then in the brain… then the auras in the heart
start getting enlightened… ultimately, when this centre which is the centre of the heart here, in Sahastrara, this point… when
this gets enlightened, then the Spirit also gets enlightened fully… and then these auras become doubly shining… then the
auspiciousness in many dimensions starts expressing itself. But to keep that light on… one has to keep the Kundalini over here (800721)

Then what happens… then we are ruled by our hearts… rather than by our brains. And the more you depend on your vibratory
awareness… the more you use your heart, your Spirit, and not your brain. The more you use your brain… again you go down…
because it is taken over now by the Spirit. But if you can… just leave it to your heart to work it out… and don’t think… because
you are in thoughtless awareness after Realisation. And if you try to maintain that state… pay attention to your heart… let your
Spirit emit itself… so that it clears out completely the confusion of the brain and everything… then you'll be amazed that you
cannot lose your vibrations… you cannot lose your Realisation (800721)

- Jai Shri Mataji -

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Jai Shri Mataji

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