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There is a need sometimes for a really Strong Correcting Photograph

Sometimes there is a need for all of us, for a very Strong Correcting or Clearing Photograph,
when things do not appear to be going according to plan, and we need rescuing.
Over the many years, Shri Mataji has given us many techniques, tools for correcting the system
when things have gone wrong. These tools are created by the Divine and given us with
full instructions on their use. We have only to follow instructions.

However, we being human beings, occasionally go astray sometimes, and end up needing help,
that only The Divine can give. We have been warned many times of the dangers of going
'our own way', doing our own thing, inventing our own techniques, instead of following and using
all the many tools & techniques, given to us by She who is Adi Shakti.

So just such an occasion occurred in 2015 with such a lot going wrong across the whole world.
This website was rebuilt during the 12 months period of that year, & a very strong Photograph of our Mother
was used as the Main Photo on the HomePage for that period, with the intention that this Photo would surely be
just about the only way that all this negativity might be dealt with, and corrected.

This Photograph was taken in Australia in 2007 and is very powerful indeed. When you look at
this Photo, you get the feeling that you are being scanned, very deeply by our Divine Mother.
and there seems to be 'No Escaping' its benign, Vibrations. So here is that Photo:

Click on it if you would like to see it in larger format.

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