Living processes, like the Kundalini awakening, are all spontaneous (850510); Everything that has happened in this
world, that is living, has been spontaneous… even the creation of this world has been spontaneous (790720); When all external
desires dim out, and the real desire to be one with the Almighty remains, then the Kundalini can rise spontaneously. It has
happened to very few people - Buddha and Mahavira were human beings… who achieved Godliness (800609)

You have to learn to be spontaneous (980510); If you are very spontaneous, immediately you will know what the other fellow is
trying to do, or say, or to communicate to you… you don't need much thinking about it, because you can absorb even the
thought of another person. Absorb doesn't mean that you take the bad thing of a person, but it's like a sieving out… you
absorb what another person is saying, and sieve it out (970525)

Shri Ganesha is the one who is Sahaj, who creates spontaneity (860907); Spontaneity is the only capital that we
have… it has to grow - surrender to spontaneity (811103); The expression of love is very spontaneous… but for that
spontaneity to come, you must get rid of your habits… otherwise you can never become spontaneous (850310)

You cannot put in any effort to achieve a living thing like Self Realisation, which is spontaneous (811005), but effort is needed
later on to maintain it (840702); It is necessary to put in an effort after Realisation, not before. Before, you cannot do it…
but after Realisation you have to look after yourself… to look after your being (800809)
- Jai Shri Mataji -

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Jai Shri Mataji

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