Shallow or Deep Breathing

Many many people advocate very Deep Breathing at the start of a program... Shri Mataji never did this... She instead
recommended very Shallow Breathing... “reduce your breathing as if stopping it”

"In meditation… you pay attention to your heart or emotions… try thinking of your Mother… watch your breathing, slowing it,
reducing by pausing at the end of each in and out breath, as if stopping it, but no exertion about it… and then raise your Kundalini.
Finally say Sahastrara Mantra 3 times, and go into meditation. Once this has been done, you go into meditation (791118; 0.0001);
Quieten yourselves within - you can stop your thoughts through controlling the breathing (811103)"

So this is not to be confused with the Deep Breaths that we take when we wish to clear a blocked Centre Heart Chakra, and
which is accompanied by holding the breath for a while, with no exertion about it, and then exhaling slowly,
repeating the Shri Durga or Jagadamba Mantra 12 times… all this to be repeated 3 times.

Jai Shri Mataji

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