Self Realisation

The first stage of Realisation (870513), Moksha, which can be given by the Goddess, the Divine Mother alone (900923);
Which is beyond the mind (970600); Self Realisation is a simple thing… in very simple words, is the connection… of your
attention… into the Divine (790524); Here, when you got your Realisation, I conceived you in my heart, and gave you
Realisation through my Sahastrara - there must be something special about me… and about the way it is done (811006)

The First stage is 'thoughtless awareness'… the Second stage is when Kundalini rises above the Fontanelle bone,
and we start giving to others, and we become collectively aware… the Third stage is doubtless awareness, Nirvikalpa,
where it is not rational (790616)

That’s a very subtle thing that we do not understand… that in the realm of God, those who enter, can only be initiated…
not those who do not enter. First of all we must know that they have to be the citizen of God's Kingdom…
so unless and until we give them Realisation, take them to that level, they are not entitled (850310);
Getting Realisation is not possible for everyone - perhaps there is some understanding is needed (860707.1);
We cannot have the whole world to get Self Realisation… this is the Last Judgment… at this time, people have to decide
what is the most important thing… they have to know themselves. It's not just having a big number that would help us…
but really solid Sahaja Yogis (000507); If you raise their Kundalini… gradually they’ll come… but you see…
they have to be aware of their Realisation… that is a compulsion (791202.3)
- Jai Shri Mataji -

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Jai Shri Mataji

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