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Sahaja Knowledge

Rutumbhara Pragnya
   I am your Mother… I am your Guru… now as a Guru my main concern is that you should learn all about Sahaja Yogayou should become experts of Sahaja Yoga… and you should become yourself the gurus… this is the only concern I have... but for that complete surrender is required… then only you can learn what is the way you will handle Sahaja Yoga (900831)
   You must learn from the people who have gone ahead… and have faltered… if you do not learn from them, then you are not wise (790618); Sahaja Yoga is learned through experience, and through nothing else - you have to experience, and then believe into it. Those who have penetrating intelligence, penetrating love and emotions, penetrating movement of the understanding, they experience and learn… experience and learn. The experiences of Sahaja Yoga are the good conditionings, and to get these 'best' experiences, the first condition is of Rutumbhara Pragnya, where we have to be of that level that we get these experiences… otherwise we will be mundane type of person all of the time… and this starts with our meditation, and with the Samadhi 'seed', sprouting into the new dimension (830723.3)
   We have had experiences of things working out, of many miracles happening before our eyes, but still it can happen that our attention has not settled down with these experiences. Old experiences and identifications continue - the filth of that is still on our being. Change everything - become a fresh new person - assume your position, as a Sahaja Yogi (830723.3)

   Rutumbhara Pragnya is that new state made possible by our Mother, and which results from maturing into the third Samadhi state of meditation, and in which we see and feel, and experience everywhere, the manifestation of that Deity, the object of our worship, in everything that we do, and in all that we experience in our life (830723.1); The Power of the Adi Shakti, that does all the creation (960609); All happens according to the Rutumbhara Pragnya (830725); The One who looks after the seasons (920719)
   It exists in the Divine, the capacity to manifest it's love, to show that you are Saints, that you are the chosen ones of God - but you must accept that situation first. But if you behave like all other normal people, it will never happen. Know that you are Saints, chosen and given birth by the Adi Shakti, the 'Form' and the 'Formless.' So this Pragnya is going to manifest, is manifesting every moment - be prepared, be happy, welcome it and accept that you are there (830723.1)

   Pragnya... or awakened knowledge, the new awareness, Pragnya, which comes out of meditation, the sustenance of meditation. It is a kind of fruit ripening, and we start seeing around how the Nature, the Divine is sweetly playing with us. This state must be achieved by every Sahaja Yogi because unless and until, minimum of minimum, you achieve this state, you will still be in a dangerous zone, which upsets our Mother very much. So we must reach a state, where we see every day the Blessings of God manifesting - that means you have entered into the Kingdom of God. This state, all of you must achieve, all of you should achieve (830723.3)
   Now how to achieve this Pragnya state… First of all as Realised Souls, we should learn to keep in the centre, because ascent is in the centre, and we should try to meditate in a sustained way, and so achieve our Samadhi, in which we start feeling the joy and the bliss of God's blessings, and start saying 'Oh God, what a blessing.' Then in this state we come to realise that we are the Spirit, and in this way we develop a complete state of witnessing, with joy; Silence must be established within and without - we should not joke, or talk loudly, or move about, or have fun, when in the presence of our Mother, but should have a proper protocol - it is we who have to gain something from our Mother - we should try to settle our attention with that (830723.3)

   Rutumbhara is the name of  'Nature' - the whole of Nature is enlightened. When Rutumbhara Pragnya starts expressing itself for Sahaja Yogis - for nobody else - you are amazed how things work out suddenly, automatically. Is a special state where you feel the oneness with Nature, and the Nature feels the oneness with you - the Divine itself is expressing through Nature, the various happenings and incidents, the love, the protection, the attention that the Divine is feeling. There is no end to it - it just happens… people don't know how it happens… is the state of Samadhi. Some will find objection… 'oh no Mother, the shop will be closed… no this won't… ' Others will say "Let's see… if Mother has said… maybe…" (830723.1)

Mother's words
   When Mother is talking, we should think "Mother is talking to ME" or "about ME" (860305); It's not for anyone else I am saying… I am saying it for each one of you (871224); Now my talks should not be a waste… again, please listen to me… I'm addressing to you… all of you… remember that. Do not think that I'm addressing to somebody else… it is to you all (850629); We should listen to the Mother, in the form of whom, the whole of the Brahmachaitanya has come, to shower us with the Chaitanya, to enrich us, to nurture us, to develop us. She is the Master of Sahastrara, the Master of all the chakras. But She is beyond the Sahastrara - much beyond. Such is the situation that we must listen to whatever She says, and we should obey Her (870503.1); Anything that Mother tells us, we should not take, or do to extreme (830204); There are certain problems that arise sometimes when we don't listen to the Mother (880101)
   In general Mother has to tell us things which we should understand is for our good, for our enjoyment. Everything is to increase our enjoyment… even our ascent is to increase our enjoyment… our sensitivity to joy (881211); Whatever Mother says has to be just listened to… that's all. Mother says to you things which should not hurt you in any way, and you should not take it that seriously… but understand that… next time… we should not (881211)

   Now you people don’t misunderstand me so much as you used to… but still you do things which should not be done. To understand that whatever I tell you is for your ascent, you need a kind of a state of mind which is a detached mind. The detached mind is visible… very clear-cut in a person that he's neither very emotionally attached… and he's not very physically attached… but he sees that the progress of himself and of the society is the point… like the cell knows it has to progress for the betterment of the tree… but it has innate wisdom to do it in such a way that it never harms itself… and does not harm the tree. So the progress of a mind which one should develop, has to be such that you should move with a balance… with a witness state… and see for yourself how far you should go… and how far you should not go. Going to extremes is not Sahaja Yoga style… ascent is (850310)
   Recently they found out the books written by Thomas, the disciple of Christ who was coming to India. On his way he went to Egypt... and there he wrote the treatise… and he put in a big earthen vessel… or perhaps it was a metallic thing… and it was discovered 42 years back. The people whom he considered to be authorised Christians he calls as Gnostics… Gna means to know. He has written… to know and to have the personal experience is the only way to follow Christ clearly. Not only that but he said that God Almighty who is so kind… why will he ask you to suffer… so he challenges all the Christian principles of suffering. In the same way in all the Religions people have diverted from the right path… and have come to the wrong path… and are indulging into self created Religions which have no relationship with Reality… or with the incarnations… those who started the Religions… or who gave the ideas of Religions – I hope you won't do that to me… because you are Gnostic people… you are the ones who know… who have had Self Realisation (871219)

   We should have the desire to have the complete knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, and should never feel satisfied on that point… "my heart must have that knowledge" - we know through the brain, but the knowledge should be in the heart (910728); We should be able to answer any questions (850408)… but don't think that you know everything (840902)
   With wisdom you have grown… and gradually I have told you of many things… but I didn't talk of many things… like the Genesis… like the beginning of our life… how we came… because I don't want you to get into any discussion. Whatever you can verify on your vibrations, becomes your knowledge… that is what is gradually told to you. You should not indulge into those books and things, which talk of the origin of the Earth, and the origin of this and that… because your mind will be diverted… you will take to knowledge which may not be knowledge. What you have to know is very simple… is… what are you… you are the Spirit… and the light of the Spirit will tell you everything gradually… as much as you can bear it… it will not tell you something that you cannot bear (930721)
   The knowledge is so subtle, so great… and of such a high degree… but you never feel bloated up with ego - no… with all this knowledge, you bend down… like the tree, which is laden with fruit, bends down… and that simplicity, that humility… gives you the special edge… which can pierce into any heart. But, believe that you are 'one'… with that great power, which is… God… Almighty (920719); So… with only one word… the word of 'love'… all the rest of knowledge is useless (810524)

   You can save the world... England is the heart of the Universe.. Any small thing happens in England, circulates... So your ascent is very important... so British have a special responsibility that they should not publish something nonsensical without verifying it, nor they should do something nonsensical here, because everything, more than America, is accepted from England, very surprising, so the responsibility of the English is much more than anybody else I feel, but I don't know how many are going to see this responsibility. So I put more responsibility on the English to do it more... accept it more... not only to my lectures... but to come up with something that is substantial for your country and for the whole world... (950624)

   You must all individually also work it out that you study Sahaja Yoga in a way. In most of the tapes whatever I have said can be seen… found out… what is said about health… what is said about children… because I spontaneously say things… and if you can sort it out you will know so many things… I mean if you sit down and do a study of these tapes it will help you to find out so many little little things that are so important for life. You can clarify it… can note it down… that this Mother said about these things… it will be very good for us to sort it out this way… what point is to be noted down in different headings… can put different different headings, and jot it down. Mother has said so… Mother has said so… whatever is not on the tape you should not listen towhatever is on tape is authenticwhatever is recorded already should be accepted (890725)
   We should have the desire to have the complete knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, and should never feel satisfied on that point (910728), and we should be able to answer any questions (850408); Everyone should have one tape each. Some people take one for the centre, and all listen, and that's it… or one tape for the whole country. No, we must have one tape each - sit down and listen again and again - with pencil and paper, and see what I am saying. Every tape should be with you (890611)

   That we feel very responsible about Sahaja Yoga, pleases Shri Adi Shakti… that we feel we have to spread Sahaja Yoga everywhere… responsibility without feeling 'in charge' - we say 'not I, but the Divine that is doing it', or… 'I am not doing anything'… then the ego does not come up, and we become humble (960505)
   I think people must take it more seriously about the whole thing… and should understand it… and learn it - we are Gurus. The main thing is that we do not take any money you see… so people think, you see… 'that we are not bound… that we are absolutely free to come and go'… but this freedom sometimes makes a person a little superficial… or sometimes a little frivolous… but, this is so precious… so invaluable… that you cannot charge… any money for this knowledge (821008)
   You have to take up the responsibility… those who do not, are not the people who are yet matured… every type of responsibility that you can take… think of what responsibilities you can take up (830821); Responsibility is a quality of the Vishuddhi (831001)… that's why most of us have bad Vishuddhis, because we do not take responsibility… and we have to be much much more responsible than even ordinary government servants are (830821); This Vishuddhi centre can also catch, if we feel 'too responsible', and can result in tensions and headaches - the remedy is to witness, and realise that everything is done by the Divine (890801); We should also be responsible in the Ashram, switching off electricity, not wasting food, being alert to the vibrations of the children etc. (850421); Krishna… whose qualities include Collectivity, and Responsibility (960929)
   But you do not understand your responsibility. What you are doing… you are playing into the hands of satanics… by not paying attention to your cleaning. By not paying attention to your spiritual growth, you are not helping me at all… because these vibrations do not flow out - they have to flow through you… you are the channels. If you do not keep yourselves clean and humble and meek about it, it doesn't work out (800927)
   Start seeing what are the bad things that are being accepted in your own country, which are very dangerous and detrimental, even destructive, that have trickled down into your own personality. If we all see that point very clearly within ourselves (try to note it down, and watch yourself… where is it lurking), I think you will do the greatest service to your own country, because whatever goes out of you, goes out of that country (860705)
   You have to do the work of God, you have to fight the anti-God elements, the satanic elements… now, the forces are gathering in such a way that the sorting out will start. You are not responsible for your families any more. Your responsibility is to yourself, to be the Spirit… your responsibility is to Sahaja Yoga, is to understand Mother better, is to understand this mechanism within you, how it works out everything, to understand how to become the Guru yourself, how to be a dignified and a glorified personality, to be a respectable person, and not a cheap personality. Everyone of you is worth the whole Universe - if you want to rise to that height, to that magnitude, it is within you to prosper - but those people who still want to live on a very low level cannot (821219)
   So now we have to be wise, and see what is destroying us… what is destroying our inner being. For Sahaja Yogis it is very important… because if they can hold it… with their wisdom, and firm faith in Sahaja Yoga… after some time the whole thing can subside… and this is what has to happen actually to the world… otherwise they can be blown off also - if they are not rightly placed… if they are not grounded. If they are not fixed to their own enlightened faith of Sahaja Yoga, they can be blown off with this wind, which is there to torture… to destroy the whole world. So the responsibility of Sahaja Yogis is very important… that their Ganesha principle is alright… if it is not alright then the whole Sahaja Yoga movement can collapse (930721); For ladies and for men, I have to make a humble request, that they should try to put their Shri Ganesha in a respectable position in their lifestyle… that it should be the highest… the most important (930721)
   What is the knack, then of being a good Sahaja Yogi… in one word, that you can understand… one small thing… is to be responsible… if you are a responsible Sahaja Yogi… you will find your own way… if you are not, you will go to doom… because if you are responsible… then only God is going to give you more (770126.1); You have to give Realisation… you have to take responsibility of Sahaja Yoga now… you have to become responsible for it, in your own way. You have to do it, because you are doing it for the greater good - the more you think of the greater good it is doing… the better it will be for you (820124)
   When you are responsible, you will be amazed… you will drop out most of your habits… automatically. Once you take the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga on your shoulders… immediately all the dimensions of your new life will open out… knowledge will pour into you… a new style of understanding will develop… the subtleties of life will open out before you… the joy will pour onto you… you will feel as if the Ganges is flowing over your Sahastrara… but you have to be responsible. Responsible also means that others should be given a chance… and when you start leading a responsible Sahaja Yogi life… thousands of evolved Souls will hang around you… you'll have a different light on your face… you will be amazed… when you speak, you will be amazed at how you are speaking… how things are happening… how things are working out. You are very few people on the stage… behind the stage there are thousands. The sense of responsibility can only come through your freedom… this is the problem of Sahaja Yoga. Is it that human beings are not that evolved to be responsible - that they must be dominated by somebody… or driven… otherwise they cannot do something responsibly? So in Sahaja Yoga… we have to be responsible (770126.1)

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