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Sahaja Yoga is a traditionally built thing

This is a very big problem with the western mind.So you all people should also understand don’t try new things in Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is a traditionally built thing.

Don’t try anything new in Sahaja Yoga. Whatever we have is more than sufficient, you don’t try anything new. People who tried new things have jumped into problems, so do not try something new.

Like somebody said that nowadays, you see, I heard in London we had some people who started giving lectures and giving new methods of Sahaja Yoga, suddenly. And they all went mad. I mean, their vibrations were crazy, I didn't know what to do with them. I was quite surprised. I said, “Why did you try a new method like that? What was the need to try a new method?” “Oh,” they said, “Well we thought, better try this.” But I said, “I have already told you all the methods. Have you tried, have you perfected yourself? Better try those which I’ve told you, and then you can ask me and then start something new. But you must understand what you are doing.” 

And also I’ve seen mediocre Sahaja yogis always do like that, try some new method. And they’ll come out with this thing, “Now I’ll tell you how to circulate your breath.” Why to circulate your breath? Suddenly they find out a new method. Is a common thing, but these are sometimes could be very sinister people also, so be careful. There is no need to try new methods. Now you have jumped on to that awareness where you have to just be steady. So don’t try at this point something new. Just steady yourself, steady yourself in balance – that’s very important."

2nd point is that everyone should be knowledgeable in Sahaja Yoga. But some people are so funnily knowledgeable that I'm sometimes surprised. Like there was a fellow who was homosexual or nonsensical thing, and then he told some people that "Yes, you see, Mother says it's all right once in a while." I never said so. I can never say such a thing. Then somebody said, "Drinking - all right, Mother said." How could I say? There's no compromise. Somebody says, "It's all right, you can do some business." I never said so. No, you cannot do, these things are not, they are not meant for you. You don't have to do it at all. Right?

So anybody who comes out with such ideas, you tell them "nothing of the kind". There's nothing like that, there's no compromise in Sahaja Yoga, no compromise. Whatever methods we have learned, let us practice them to establish ourselves and establish others. You must keep to your maryadas, to your limits. Do not try to fly. Some people think that they are greater Sahaja Yogis and they will do this and they will do that. Then remember, that is wrong. You have to humble down yourself, and remember that when you humble down you will realize that only the humble people are steady people.

So there should be complete humility. Try to acquire more knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. There are so many ways. I have got all My tapes done already, we have got all these Sahaja Yoga books out now and also your "Nirmala Yoga" is there - so many ways by which you can understand Sahaja Yoga.

We have a track in Sahaja Yoga, you must know that, whether you like it or not. It's no question of freedom, but the track to ascend. You cannot get out of that track. If you think you can just move about a little bit, have a nice time with all filth and then come back to Sahaja Yoga, you won't be acceptable. If you do that then I'll have to work hard to cleanse you out, do this, do that. But to keep yourself clean you'd better keep to your tracks and don't get out of it. Don't try to find out new things of doing something which is not necessary; why do it? I mean, simple thing is to understand it's a waste of energy. I've already found it for you, why do you want to do it again?

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, San Diego, 1985 (1985-0531)

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