of She who is the Devi, Incarnated as
Shri Adi Shakti Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Recognition of our Mother, is the mental activity of the Heart. Develop it by introspection and meditation, developing
those waves of gratitude, love, oneness and Joy (910505); Those who have not yet recognised, though they are Realised,
will not be blessed - they will go round and round. So it is necessary to recognise… She who is presently with us (791202.2)

The time is such that we have to recognise Sahaja Yoga - if we do not, then the Sahastrara cannot be opened. Recognition
is the only worship in Sahaja Yoga… ask the question, of the Deity that you worship… you must know 'Who' you are facing.
Recognise in a full way, with full humility, so that your Realisation sustains (830204); Without recognition you cannot see
the play, and without seeing the play you cannot have that confidence. Without confidence you cannot become Gurus, and
so cannot help others, and if you cannot help others, you are not going to be happy. So this is what you all have to do - this
is what you all wanted to be. So be confident and joyous and be happy (791202.1)

You know such a lot, that even many Saints do not know… but there's one thing they know… that I am that - that's one thing
you do not know… they know that… this is a big difference - because I am easily available to you, you do not understand…
for them I am great… how these Saints have recognised. Your recognition of me is poor. If it was not so you would not be
shouting in my presence, quarrelling in my presence… you give me headaches… you tell me things which you should not tell me…
'he came there… he did this…' you should not talk like this to me (800927)

Do not think that you are ordinary… otherwise I would never have chosen you… but you have no recognition of yourself also, as
you have no recognition of me - you have to recognise yourselves & respect yourselves; Do not respect material things - respect
yourself first of all… and the matter within you (800927)

Like, once, a Sahaja Yogi told me… 'Krishna never gave me Realisation… Rama did not… Ganesha did not… Shiva did not…
Parvati did not… Adi Shakti did not give me… it was Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who has given me Realisation… so She's the one I
know.' Unless and until you understand this, all… Rama, Shiva, Brahmadeva, Vishnu… everyone is going to get angry with you…
because they will not understand. Because you have got your Realisation… still you are denying me… means something is wrong -
you might develop Ekadesha… that's the beginning of the end. Taking too much advantage of me is also like this… too much
sticking onto me, also you might get this Ekadesha… too much pressurising, you will get it… answering me… not listening to me - if
you start challenging me, you will catch on Sahastrara… and then don't blame me. Only, in Sahaja Yoga, if you could rise and
ascend, and try to recognise me… I will have no problem… and you will have no problem (830209)

If he doesn’t accept me, he cannot feel the cool breeze from me. That means he has to accept me… he has to accept me… much
more - that’s then how he'll get it you see… when he'll meet me. He has to accept me… if he doesn’t accept me, he cannot get the
cool breeze… the Deities know about it. You see they have to accept me… that’s the only thing is (791202.3); He's not feeling…
on the head… on the head you're not feeling… you have to have faith in me also isn't it little bit… otherwise you'll not feel in the
head… ha… better now (840622); If you raise their Kundalini… gradually they’ll come… but you see… they have to be aware of
their Realisation… that is a compulsion (791202.3)

If anyone, say your wife, your husband, anybody… talks against Sahaja Yoga… close your eyes… you are not to hear. Know that
I have given you Realisation… and you should not try to challenge me… because God Himself will be against you. You have to
keep Prasanna… keep the Devi pleased. Here 'I' am the one… you have to leave things into 'my' hands… don't try to play tricks
with me. So as Sahaja Yogis, I have to warn you… new people won't understand this… for them it will look like egoistical… all
that… they won't understand… forget it (830209)

In these modern times you must know that all these evil things are also lingering in your heads little bit, here and there. So the
Sahaja Yogis which are today here, have to realise that all these things are surrounding us… and these evil forces are also
there. There are some within us… some are without… so it looks to be a very difficult task… but it's not… because one condition,
if you can understand… is that you have to recognise me. I know, I'm Mahamaya… I'm really very clever at it… but I'm truthful…
but still I'm Mahamaya… so to recognise me what should we do… if we recognise, then you are protected. And the cleansing
is the simplest thing in Sahaja Yoga… is to be collective. If you are not collective… then know that something wrong with you…
if you are collective… if you are enjoying the collective, then you should know that you are clean… no blemish is there…
you are absolutely alright (911013)

Now the second part of this Mahamaya business… I had to be very close to you… I had to be extremely close… to talk to you… to
have a rapport… to tell you everything about Sahaja Yoga… to make you absolutely aware of yourself. This had to be done… and
with all these complications within your mind… within your heart… within your body… I had to work it out. To come close in the real
form would have been very dangerous… so one had to be a Mahamaya. But despite that, if you could recognise me… to understand me…
that I am Divine Personality… an Incarnation… that’s all the Deities want. Then they’ll look after you in every way (911013)

Then how you behave is very important… you should not be artificial… or superficial… but best is to put your hand on your heart…
both the hands… and just try to feel… your Mother is Adi Shakti… she has created all this Universe… she has created all this world…
and she is for your protection - as soon as I come to know about your problems, my attention can work it out. All this protection is
given to you because you are seekers of truth… & the truth is that I am the Adi Shakti Incarnated. Once this truth becomes one with
your self, there's nothing to fear… because all the Deities know this fact… they know about this Incarnation very well… they’ll
do anything to substantiate your belief in every way… my photographs… in the sky… they are so anxious. They are on all sides of the
stage… listening to me… feeling very happy that I am telling you the truth. But the way they recognise… the way they act… they never
disobey. Once you have recognised, you will have no fear from anyone… & the more you show that recognition, the more you realise it,
you get higher & higher… not only spiritually, but every way, mentally, socially, economically, politically… is very remarkable…
that not only that you recognise me as a Mother who loves you very much… but a Mother who is powerful to protect you (911013)

Supposing I correct you sometimes… instead of feeling sad, you should see that how fortunate I am that Adi Shakti herself is
correcting me… she is taking interest in me… how fortunate I am… to be born at this time, to be with her in her great work (911013)

So just behind this recognition is all the powers… but if you are doubting… still half way this that, then things won't be alright.
You shouldn’t worry about your reputation… just go full speed into any direction, knowing one thing… that you are my child, and that I
am Adi Shakti… everything that looks horrible will become better… you have seen it now… don’t worry about anything… just
know that I am the Adi Shakti… that all the powers of Gods and Goddesses… and all that are within me… and they 'are' within me…
and they are all looking after. But if that recognition is not there… they are not going to recognise you either (911013)
- Jai Shri Mataji -

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