Raising Kundalini with Right Hand only

It seems that many things in Sahaja Yoga are now being taught incorrectly... in a way that our Beloved Mother never ever taught.
One such technique that has appeared, and is being taught in many of our sometimes Major meetings is that of Raising the
Kundalini with only the Right Hand, and not bothering with the Left Hand at all.

When we do some other quite basic things, like walking or running or jumping etc., we would never ever entertain using only one
half of the full set of equipment given to us by our Creator to achieve the task. It would be quite ludicrous
for anyone to attempt the high jump, or even the simpler long jump, using only one leg...

The question arises... why have we been given 2 legs... or 2 arms... so that we can dispense with one of them maybe...

Jai Shri Mataji

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