The essence of Sahaja Yoga is protocol - if we understand protocol, we will automatically grow. Know the protocol, ask others,
get their advice, how to improve the protocol, what do we do wrong (830725); If with faith, we learn protocol we will not feel bad
about it (800518); Now our Mother's photograph is very auspicious… you don't put it on the ground… nor do you trample over
it - auspicious matters, which are important matters, must be kept at a higher level always (800927)

The Divine has it's own protocol… if the King, say, has to come to your house, then you have to go and invite the King… the King
doesn't write and ask 'please invite me to your house' does he… this Mr Ego expects that you should be invited by the Divine… that the
Divine must go out of the way to fetch you out… in simple words, this ego is nothing but absolutely wrong ideas about one's own value,
by which you think that 'I am everything'. What are we… we cannot even sprout a seed (800517.1)

You know such a lot, that even many Saints do not know… but there's one thing they know… that I am that… that's one thing you
do not know - they know that. This is a big difference… because I am easily available to you, you do not understand… for them I am
great… how these Saints have recognised… your recognition of me is poor. If it was not so… you would not be shouting in my presence,
quarrelling in my presence… you give me headaches… you tell me things which you should not tell me… 'he came there… he did this…'
you should not talk like this to me (800927)

When in the presence of our Mother, we should realise in whose presence we are, and why we have come. This is not the time to talk
loudly and move about, and have fun - this is a meditative time, we have come for a very special purpose, to be meditative - silence
must be established within and without; We must know the protocol part of it… what do we say… to whom are we talking… we cannot
make fun… or joke. Mother however may joke with us - we may sometimes smile, or laugh sometimes, alright - but it has to be done
with a weight. It is being aware of all this, this behaviour, that is going to help us - it is we who have to gain something, from our
Mother. So we should try to settle our attention with all this (830723.3)

We have come here at a very important time. Historically this is a very important time, and when we are with our Mother is the most
important time, of that important time - we should take full advantage of that… in the real sense of the word. Those who are
wise take the best advantage, which is the growth within; Before you stands someone who has control over all the centres, over all
the powers, who is All Powerful. How much advantage you have taken of that is the important thing; In Mother's Presence, in
India, people become more protocolish, whilst in England people start taking advantage, making fun, joking - you cannot. You cannot
be frivolous, or shallow with somebody so intense (830723.3)

The people who are in the centre are quiet and silent people… they never show off… nor are they in front… only when they have to
construct something important, they'll come and see me; They can sometimes get into temper, which is necessary, if they are to
protect the protocol of their Mother, or could be of Sahaja Yoga, or of God (830209)… is the only time when you should really be
angry… then, the anger is spontaneous. But you need not do anything… I can look after myself - but the reaction is correct… the
reaction is correct (880921)

One's behaviour and conduct in the presence of the Divine, which is very important, should be one of dignity yet of sweetness,
correctly attired for the occasion, neat, clean and respecting the Mariadas. Avoidance of that which may be displeasing, such as
plastics of all kinds in Pujas, and any negative or complaining styles of behaviour (900923); Not to close one's eyes in the presence of
the Divine, or to place more importance on the Photo than the actual Incarnation… and to handle the Kundalini with respect
(890808); When I am speaking… you should not keep your eyes closed (0.0012); Not to monopolise, or tell the Mother what to do.
Recognise fully, with full humility, who it is that we are facing, and that the Mother never 'misunderstands' (830204)

Whatever Mother says, even if we think it may go wrong, lets just do it, and see what happens - by experiencing, we will see (830725);
We have to be careful, and not say any indecent things to the Divine, nor to use any bad words (790416); In terms of Protocol, our
feet should not be placed towards the Divine (811004), towards the Mother (830129); People who are with the Mother, go into left
Vishuddhi very fast, because they lack in protocol. To be with Mother is a blessing no doubt, but also one has to be very very
careful, that you do not cross the protocols (850901); Some people also feel that… 'I love Mother'… but that love is to be expressed
through complete humility… that's the only way… that's the only channel through which you can approach me… there's no way out
(850901); Without asking, you are not to fix my program anywhere… without taking my permission… if you ever try to do such tricks with
me, I'll put you right. You know I have all the powers to correct you… so don't take liberties with me anymore… I'm telling you… I'm
warning you. Try to understand (850629); If you don't understand any protocol, because you are so naive, because you don't know how
to respect, to respect anyone… then you better learn it (850629)
- Jai Shri Mataji -

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Jai Shri Mataji

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