Ever since the very early days in Sahaja Yoga, we were brought up to certain levels of
understanding with regard to the protocol to be employed in Pujas, the proper way to behave
and the many benefits to be had by us all who were attending for our own growth and
personal development.

One of the very first things that we all learned was that in Pujas, we receive from our Guru
many benefits that come mainly to us all in the form of Vibrations.
These Vibrations are very powerful, and do clear us all out.

Mother was often handing to us all, many things that we were told were extremely valuable,
even very small objects of little intrinsic value, but we were told that the Vibrations
that they contained far outweighed their otherwise rather meager conventional value.

During the Puja, a selection of the range of foods that have been brought by Sahaja Yogis
is presented to Shri Mataji, and placed at Her Lotus Feet. These foods are vibrated during the Puja
and after the Puja is completed, these items are called Prasad, and are offered to all who have come to the Puja.
The Vibrations are not wasted, and are distributed to all who are present for their benefit.

So it is with the Prasad that is provided at Pujas, and also Prasad that is again prepared at our homes
by placing a small quantity in front of the Photo on our own individual Altars. It is for our own personal Benefit
that it is produced, and anything that contains these Vibrations should be employed in
any way that will maximise the beneficial effects of these Vibrations, and so
we normally consume this Prasad in order to place them in the most
useful place where they can do the most good... i.e. into our stomach,
where the Vibrations will clear out any problems of the stomach and the void.
Any Prasad that has gone off, or turned bad may be offered to the elements..
such as to the River, or buried... but should not be thrown into the refuse bin,
as that is not such an auspicious thing to do.
Jai Shri Mataji

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