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Some people say that the use of the Photograph is ritualistic

When you received your Realisation the first time do you think that it was a normal everyday occurrence, that it was the usual and normal thing that had happened perhaps many times before, that nothing out of the ordinary had happened to you?

No of course not.

So it should be obvious that the initial awakening experience was ‘out of the ordinary’ and that it was in fact something extraordinary and that it has therefore a very strong connection with the Lady, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who we see in the Photograph, and to whom we are opening our hands when this experience of Self Realisation is first bestowed upon us.

The truth is that the Kundalini within us has a very strong connection with, and knows intimately who this lady is.
That is why the Kundalini rises automatically and so strongly whenever we see this Photo.

So with this automatic 'in built' response, it would be shall we say, lacking in wisdom to fail to use the Photo. when giving the experience to another. Also one could ask… of the person querying the need for the Photo in the first place… “and what pray do you know about it…
for you it is quite a new experience… whilst for us it has been the practice for a third of a century – pray let us be the experts here in this meeting which is set up solely so that you can get it too.

It is as simple as that.

If they still do not accept this explanation, then you can say ok you do what ever you want,
& we will also do what we always do and we’ll see who gets the better results

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