It must be true - there are Vibrations

Many years ago now, we were all sitting at Mother's Holy Feet in the Chelsham Road Ashram. Whilst we were there,
the subject was raised of taking Photographs of our Holy Mother at Pujas and other Sahaja functions.

Nick had completed a course of some sort in Photography, and felt that he might possibly be able to offer something
to help others when taking better quality Photos, so he spoke up and said... "when taking portrait style photographs,
it is better to use 'long focal length lenses - then things look more natural. Not to use 'short focal length lenses'.

At that, Shri Mataji Herself spoke up, saying... "It must be true - there are Vibrations'.

This is a very useful tool, a very useful piece of advice... that when we speak, and we are saying something
that is true... we can get the very useful confirmation, by virtue of the fact that 'everything feels cool' - so
it must be true.

Jai Shri Mataji

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