Now is the time for the
Motherly Qualities
to develop


The 'mother relationship' is represented in the heart (790618); Is the highest position that a woman can reach (820711);
Is the beauty of a woman (840906); The children are produced and cared for by the wife, the shakti or power of the family,
who has all the qualities of motherhood; They depend on the mother for love and guidance. If the wife starts competing with
the husband, then the children and family suffer

The relationship of a mother is a very pure relationship (850901); The mother's position is very different… she will go on
struggling and fighting for her child… she'll fight it out to the last, to see that the child gets all the benefits… and this patience,
this love, this forgiveness is innately built in a mother… her attitude is very different… just she does it because she is a mother
(980510); If motherhood in a woman is challenged, by her husband flirting with other women, she can develop breast cancer (890801)


The consciousness of human beings, not only men but women also… is moving more towards the feminine expression of life
and today we have to understand that it is the time for the motherly qualities to develop… even a man, when he becomes motherly…
he only becomes a great man
. So now in you the motherhood must take over… rather than the fatherhood.
The quality of a woman as a mother is the power, most important to ignite Sahaja Yoga (830821)

Tape References:
Date/Ref - Title - Qual – mins
-850901 Vishnumaya Puja, Wimbledon - see 850901 good 50
790618 Jim Proctor's House, Leeds [not a talk - informal only] poor 50
810328 Nabhi talk, Australia [some noises + 15 mins Q&A] good 55
820711 Nabhi to Sahastrara, Derby good 90
830821 Mother Earth, Surbiton good 50
840906 Talk at Gregoire's House - Vienna [German translation] good 65
850901 Vishnumaya Puja/Brompton Sq Puja, Wimbledon/Brompton Sq
890801 First Know Thy "Self" - Porchester Hall [+25 min Q&A] Good 50
980510 Meditation is the only way, Sahastrara, Cabella good 60

- Jai Shri Mataji -

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