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Working in one of Mother's Residences
"Ma... they just don't want to learn - they don't want to know"

       Many years ago, whilst working along with many other Sahaja Yogis in Mother’s Residence in London, Nick learned something from our Beloved Mother… or perhaps we could say Mother revealed to him something that has stuck ever since. A group were repairing a damaged door, filling in a quite largish hole, with polyfilla. It was a few inches across, i.e. fairly wide but not so wide that the tools that we were using were too small to cope.

They were not used to this type of work, & so were over filling by putting a big dome of polyfilla which then would have needed endless hours of sanding down, using different grades of sandpaper. It would have been quite laborious and tedious in the extreme. So Nick who had worked previously in the decorating trade, and knew how to do all this type of thing offered some advice on how to do it so very simply… in one go… in one sweep, so to speak.

But they all did not want to know. Later on Nick was again with Mother, and he said to Her, “Mother they just don’t want to learn … they don’t want to know” – he was absolutely astonished that this could be the case… that they would prefer to continue, struggling to do something that in fact was so simple… just pulling the straight edge of some tool like a float, across the hole leaving a perfectly flat and finished surface in just one sweep.
Now, still, some 35 years later, Sahaja Yogis still have not changed, preferring to continue in comparative ignorance, rather than make that relatively small effort to learn something… but that would need something called Humility, where we would need to acknowledge our relative, our comparative ignorance, & that there was a need to learn something a little better, in order to grow.

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