- Love -

Love is the only way that Sahaja Yoga is going to spread, no other way (910728)

Love is a source of energy that makes things grow - it is a living energy… the water of pure love that is to be given to another,
so that he comes closer to Reality (910728)… Reality is achieved through the heart… not the brain (910728)

When dealing with people, do so with love (791015);

The Spirit is the one that loves, unconditionally - it just flows. It is the source of Love, Peace and Joy… love is the solution (980320);

The magnet of Shri Ganesha is Pure Love, and when it is awakened in you, people will start running towards your ashrams,
instead of running away (860907); Love is the most powerful thing (790507);

The expression of love is very spontaneous… but for that spontaneity to come,
you must get rid of your habits… otherwise you can never become spontaneous (850310)

Pure love without any expectations - Nirvaj (910003);
Avyaj, or Divine love, which loves for love's sake, and which enjoys that love - it just flows. Even when it corrects you, it corrects in love (791015);
The ultimate love is pure, unattached, unlimited love - when we dissolve into the Ocean of Divine Love (910003);
Attached love is the death of love (920209);
We should feel the same towards everyone, with no 'special' person, no “No2”, or “No3” etc. (910728);
Pure Love is of the Spirit (890723);
When we feel the power of love, then everything vibrates (871106.1)

Nobody should think they love me more than anybody else (810524)
I know the one who loves me - the one who loves others, is the one who really loves me (810524)
What you say to your brothers and sisters is the most important thing - Sahaja Yoga will never work, if you do not look after that side. (810524)
How you behave towards your wife… towards your husband… your brothers and sisters… that is the most important thing (810524)
You know I have thrown many so-called important people out of Sahaja Yoga, because they did like this… to dominate others…
by saying 'this is not good'… 'you should not put your hand there'… or 'your feet there'… or 'do this and that' (810524);
Mother loves those… who love each other (810524)

Some people also feel that… 'I love Mother'… but that love is to be expressed through complete humility… that's the only way…
that's the only channel through which you can approach me… there's no way out (850901)

God is the Ocean of Love, of Forgiveness, and of Compassion (830127);
God is spontaneity itself… His Love is spontaneous (790616);
Love is the universal energy, is so pure, so purifying, so joy giving. God wants to use us as His instruments, for the flow of His Love (790416);
Truth, Attention and Joy, when combined give Love (820125);
The most important thing that God has to give us is His Love, His connection with us, His Kingdom, His Powers…
we have just to accept the subtleties… that take us to the realms of Joy and Collectivity (800609);
Love is the basis of all this creation. God has created this world, this Universe only because He loved,
and He wants to bestow this blessing on you, because He loves you (791015);
The basis of all creativity of Saraswati is love - if there is no love, there is no creativity (830113)

The Kundalini is nourished by pure love and compassion, and by avoiding involvement into any relationships (920621);
She is your Mother, the source of all love and compassion… full of kindness, and forgives all you have done (790616);
The Kundalini of Sahaja Yogis is made of love, pure love. The pure love has only pure desire… is to love… love everyone equally (920621);
The Paramchaitanya is Absolute Love, that knows, understands, coordinates and works out everything;
This is the time when Paramchaitanya has gone into action (970600; 951224)

Everywhere you are sitting in meditation, you are transmitting vibrations - do you know that. Think of love, think of the whole
country, think of the whole world at that time. You are transmitters of these waves of love, and love will flow from you (791015);
The message of Shri Krishna is… to show 'that love' which is Ahladadayini…
to show your maximum love… not to show your pity… but love which is Ahladadayini (970823.1);
What you talk… what you say to others… if it is not Ahladadayini… keep quiet - if you talk sweetly… what's the harm (970823.1)

There are so many ways of expressing your love… try to be nice… talk to one another… give some presents… give sometimes flowers;
Try to find out the likes and dislikes of a person… do not do things that people do not like… it's better not to do it… what's the use…
if relationships are spoiled… not to do these things.
My husband doesn't like me to put flowers in my hair - in Maharashtra it's the custom for married ladies to do it…
but if he doesn't like, why to do it (800927)

Don't do anything that people do not like you to do… try to avoid it… it creates problems… try to do something that pleases others.
If you please others, your Deities will be very happy… because they are all one… within each of you… because they are all related
to each other… and they feel unhappy when you try to be unkind to each other… because they are one (800927)

What is love is hard to describe… you can only enjoy it (0.0011);
What do we do when we love… what are the signs and symptoms. I don’t know, in the West, if that glimpse of love is also there or not…
but you can see it in this country still (India - Ed);
Say, a mother for example, if her child is sick… she will not sleep a wink… she will not. She will not think of her comfort… of what time she slept… or got up…
she won't think of her food… nothing. She will just want that her son will be alright… she will have no desire left, but to see that her son is cured (0.0011)

The love of husband and wife is a very special sort of love, with no adultery nor adulterous eyes (820711);
In Sahaj Dharma, the husband/wife relationship should be really romantic… should be really beautiful… but it is not… no, we talk of love, and all that…
but very rarely people fall in love, and carry on with it… it's a blessing if you really get that kind of a feeling…
but mostly it is a curse. So to fall in love is very good… but that doesn't mean that you forget that you are a Sahaja Yogi (970823.1)

When you are married… you must love your wife… spend time with her. She is the one who is your companion… she is the one who should be consulted…
and you must be with her… and that should be your greatest joy in life as far as the material side is concerned (790609.3);
Man doesn't want a wife to be on the horse, and beating with a whip… why has he married… for the happiness, for the joy, for the sweetness
of a woman. It's a very important thing… you have to love… you have to take your husband into your heart first… this is your duty (971004);
If you have love for someone, you won't see the bad points… never - you'll always see the good points of that person (950625)

In the lamp, the Ghee represents the mild and soft Love of the heart, and it burns to give soothing light of love to others (871024)


Postscript also:    1. English… have to learn to love (0.0011);
                           2. British have a special responsibility. You can save the world... England is the heart of the Universe.. Any small thing happens in England,
circulates... So your ascent is very important... so British have a special responsibility that they should not publish something nonsensical without verifying it,
nor they should do something nonsensical here, because everything, more than America, is accepted from England, very surprising, so the responsibility of
the English is much more than anybody else I feel, but I don't know how many are going to see this responsibility. So I put more responsibility on the English
to do it more... accept it more... not only to my lectures... but to come up with something that is substantial for your country & for the whole world... (950624)

- Jai Shri Mataji -

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