Humility and Dynamism

We have to be very busy people, because we are now employed
by God (821101); So much dynamism and so much humility… what a
combination, and that's what you have to manifest; The more you
work… the more you assert yourself… you'll find that humility
and obedience are the only things that will help you carry out
your work… and you'll become humbler and humbler (890423);
Dynamism is going to impress… be alert and dynamic, and work it
out. The justification for doing nothing is very clever: "oh our
ego will come up" - is very clever (890611)

Tape References:
Date/Ref - Title - Qual – mins
-890611 Dynamism and ascent, Connecticut - see 890611 good 55
821101 Self Mastery, Guru Nanak's Birthday - London (C120) good 105
890423 Archangel Shri Hanumana - Margate good 45
890611 Dynamism, Virata Puja, Connecticut, USA

Jai Shri Mataji

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