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Several Sahaja Yogis have expressed an interest in finding out how to give Realisation - those who want to join in, but have not yet got a great deal of practical experience. So here is just one way, which includes Mother's advice on how to do it and how far we should go... to increase the chances of those new people coming back to find out more - isn't that really what we all want?

So, imagine if you can, people passing by, seeing a group of Sahaja Yogis working on people sitting in chairs facing Shri Mataji's Photo…….

  • Hi... would you like to try... a free meditation which will transform your life.. it's free... it's absolutely amazing... it takes only a few moments... costs nothing... (by now they are usually interested, and will either sit down for the experience, or will agree to stand and listen, as you conduct them through a simple and quite short Realisation experience - maybe just 2 minutes or so)
  • [If they sit down:] ok just remove your shoes... & place them under your chair. Your feet flat on the ground, a little bit apart - there are 2 different powers flowing here. Place your hands on your knees, palms up... and close your eyes.
    Now relax... completely... physically, emotionally, mentally, just let go... and let your attention go loose... like a balloon floats to the top of your head... just relax... and witness whatever you start to feel happening inside...
  • [Now you raise their Kundalini... and apply bandhan... then check their vibrations... and depending on what you feel, you raise left or right to bring them into balance... and correct any problem chakras. Very shortly you will be able to move on to the next step.]
  • ok I'm just going to try a little experiment... (gently raise their right hand, above their head - about 4 inches above their head) now, see if you can feel a movement of air above the head... little bit like a draught... may be warm or may be cool... you may need to explore with the hand, very slowly, at first to locate it... what do you feel?... warm or cool?... (then if they say warm...) ok... slowly raise the hand to find the top of the warm bit... and then go 1 inch higher... and see if it becomes cooler. Yes?... ok now follow the cool bit slowly upwards... til you find the top... where it will seem to disappear. Now lower your hand just a little, just a millimetre or so... til you feel the cool again. So like that you can tap the top of your own Kundalini. It's like a spout... or a fountain... see how high it goes for you... some people get it very high... some people it's like an air conditioning unit...

Alright now... you feel it clearly?... no doubts?... ok... now change your hands over... find it with the other hand. ok which is stronger left or right?... ok, now both hands on the lap... now what do you feel?... warm or cool?... (if they say cool, then: 'ok you've got it'; if they say warm, then... place Mother's Photo in front of them and ask them to open their eyes and look at the Photo)... now look at the Photo without thinking... and see if the warm starts to cool down as I am talking to you... (usually it does, and again you say 'ok you've got it).

You are now connected to the All Pervading Divine Power... That Power is now interested in you!... will look after you!... IF... you look after this little connection that you’ve just got.

  • For that you need to do 2 things... firstly take this Photo back with you... and every day, in the morning when you wake up, the first thing that you do, before your brain starts working... sit with your hands open towards the Photo... in a very relaxed way... no concentration. When you feel nice and peaceful... close you eyes. When you open them what seems like 5 minutes later, you'll see that maybe 20 or 30 or even 40 minutes have gone by... it's so nice. Do this every day... without fail... and you'll establish this new experience very quickly.
  • Secondly, here is a list of London meetings... and here is a web address... (indicating on the front of the leaflet.) Find a meeting near you... and attend this meeting at least once a week... if you can go to 2 meetings a week, so much the better. Then you will establish this experience very quickly... it will become much stronger.. and will totally transform your life... and you will never look back... just enjoy... remember this date... this is your new Birthday... enjoy
  • [If they decide to not sit down:] ok... I can easily explain it to you here... it will only take a minute or two... you see this triangle... it represents the sacrum bone at the base of the spine... inside it is an energy coiled up, sleeping... what happens here (indicating the group of Sahaja Yogis working on people) is that this energy awakens spontaneously... travels up the central of the 3 channels in the spine... shoots out the top of the head... and there, forms the union or yoga with the All Pervading Power. That Power then floods back into us... and together with the Kundalini sorts out any problems it finds... so your whole life starts to improve... and... the way we start it is with this Photo...
  • Put your hands like this [indicating your own 2 hands open towards the Photo]... do you want to try?... now see what you feel... flowing over the surface of the hands. It's usually like a slightly warm or a cool breeze... there might be a little tingling mixed in with it... it varies from person to person at this stage... I can see in your hands the visible sign that this energy is already entering you hands... do you see the white mottling that is there on the pink background?... that's the visible sign... now question is what do YOU feel... Are your hands warm or cool?... (then whichever it is...) ok now take this hand above your head about 4 inches... and see if you can feel either a warm or cool movement of air... you might need to explore little bit with this hand to begin with to locate it... now follow the cool bit upwards etc.. [... and so then at this point continue as with the description already outlined above for the sitting down experience, finding the top of the warm bit first, then moving 1 inch higher to the cool bit, and the following up to the top of the cool bit etc...]

Variations :

    • If they are thinking... 'Now don't think... whatever you do don't think... you can do all that later... just watch the Photo... and witness... now see what you feel in your hands etc...'
    • If their attention wanders... 'Look at the Photo... this Photo is very special... it has many very special qualities:
      • This cool energy that is flowing, is coming very strongly through this Photo...
      • Also, if you watch this Photo, your thinking will become less...
      • The Kundalini is rising in recognition of this Lady... the whole experience is because of this Photo...'
    • 'Keep your hands... or feet... a little apart... these are 2 different energies flowing...'
    • 'As I am talking to you... this warm can change very quickly to cool... is it starting to cool down?...'
    • 'You can easily tell the difference between the coolness of the Kundalini... and the air conditioning - Just follow this cool upwards... see how high it goes for you... and if you go too far, you lose it, and you have to come back DOWN a little bit to relocate it... proving that it is coming from your head, and not from the ceiling/sky...'
    • 'This energy... shoots out the top of the head... and there, forms the union or yoga with the All Pervading Power. That Power then floods back into us... and together with the Kundalini sorts out any problems it finds... so your health improves... stresses and strains fall away... even habits drop off... all automatically... it's all very simple... very easy... costs nothing... happens in a split of a second... and [turning over the leaflet] the way we start it is with this Photo...'
    • If they are into other things... 'Try to establish this new experience in isolation for maybe 2 or 3 months. Whatever you are or have been doing... put it outside the door, for 2 or 3 months. Then later on you can compare if you want to. But if you mix them up at this stage, you will just get very confused.'
    • 'This white mottling in your hands... it will go away if you start thinking... if you just witness what is happening, it will become stronger... see you are thinking now... ah that's better it's getting more marked... you are now witnessing... it's a good thing to see.'
    • 'Now don't think... this whole experience is beyond the mind... is higher than this brain... if you start thinking, you will feel nothing... so try to witness... it's a very subtle thing that is happening...'

Note : The important thing is to be spontaneous... (not to learn by rote, and repeat parrot fashion) and to be also, caring in approach... guiding them through the whole experience in such a way as to give meaning to the whole awakening process... so that they are impressed and more likely to make that effort to return... there seems little point in just simply giving them a pleasant experience... if they don't know and understand what has happened to them... why would they want to come back?

It all sounds rather long... but in practice it does not seem so... and the main points are that each person goes away, KNOWING that he or she has DEFINITELY FELT THE KUNDALINI... and UNDERSTOOD IT'S SIGNIFICANCE... and is therefore much more likely to return to find out more.

Shri Mataji Herself stresses the absolute need for us to ensure that we do not accept that a new person is Realised... until THEY THEMSELVES VERIFY THAT THEY HAVE FELT THE KUNDALINI FLOWING FROM THE TOP OF THEIR HEADS FOR THEMSELVES... AND KNOW IT'S SIGNIFICANCE.

This is one only... of obviously many different approaches that can be taken... and is offered in all humility... in the hope that it may be of help to those who want to join in... but who for different reasons may feel shy to do so.

The joy of doing this amazing work for our Beloved Mother knows no bounds... come and enjoy with us all... in this truly amazing experience.

You may wish to save this somewhere and keep it near you for the next time that we go out GIVING REALISATION TO THE MASSES.

With much love to all
Jai Shri Mataji
your brother, Nick

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