The women competing with the men

Feminists are being very stupid, that they are fighting on the level of Rationality, of Economics, of Politics…
all useless things. Equality on all these things, if they are to be sought, you become men… you just become like men.
If you are Argumentative, if you are Rational, if you talk like men… it's a masculine development…
no use competing with men in their stupidity (830821)

Today we have to understand that it is the time for the motherly qualities to develop… even a man,
when he becomes motherly… he only becomes a great man. So the quality of a woman as a mother…
is the power… is most important to ignite Sahaja Yoga (830821)

So the women of the West must understand that the nonsensical ideas that they have taken from men,
must be completely discarded… they have to become women first… (830821) but if you are a woman,
and if you are dominating, then it's a difficult thing for Sahaja Yoga to cure… you have lost
your quality of being a woman… at least you have to be a woman to begin with (830821)

The women have to be… great, large, receptive, receiving and nourishing. So a woman must try to be a woman,
and a man must try to be a man (830821); So there is no competition between men and women,
but the style of work is different… if you understand that, then only this kind of revolution will take place…
and not a rebellion. Actually women are rebelling against men… a nonsense it is (830821)

- Jai Shri Mataji -

Tape References
Date/Ref - Title - Qual – mins
830821 Mother Earth, Surbiton – good 48


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