Evolution is from the carbon stage, and amoeba stage through the fish and reptile stages, to the present day, at Sahastrara (830129; 790616);
It is still going on - this is not the end. So far, it is spontaneous (781115); Evolution takes place only through your seeking… when you start
seeking something… then only, you evolve (831001)

We must think… why we have evolved from amoeba to this stage, as a human being. Now if you are evolved, there must be some purpose… there must
be some method that God must have placed within us… so what is that thing within us… is the Kundalini, this residual force, which is placed in the
triangular bone, which rises, passes through all the chakras, and pierces through the brain… and enters into the subtle being that we are…
by which we get connected to each other. You all are like, say, pearls… and there is a string going through you…
but you cannot feel the string - you are on the pearl… your attention is on the pearl. So supposing
by any chance it happens… it's a happening… your attention goes on the string, then you can pass into everybody. In the same way, the
Collective Consciousness is established within you… it's a happening… which has been promised long time back… by all the Religions, and
all the Scriptures (790618)

To transform ourselves, there has to be some evolution - you have to become collectively conscious.
It is an actualisation within yourself… it is a living process… it takes place spontaneously. First of all, in evolution, there has been one leader…
we can call them as archetypes you can say. Such a person can decode the information of symbols and everything, and can help others…
without taking any money. If we are dealing with the living process of evolution, we have to know that in spiritual life, whatever is going to happen,
must relate to the scriptures… to all the scriptures… must relate to them… not to just one scripture, like the Holy Bible, or the Holy Koran…
but… to all of them (860707.1)

It's like… butter is made out of… we call it 'curd' - so, they churn it… when they churn it… what happens… some butter comes out…
and the rest remains as buttermilk. To separate it, they put a big lump of butter in that curd, and then they churn it… now all the butter gets
around that big lump, and it gathers into a bigger lump you see. But, there are some particles of butter… which are left behind -
if they do not stick to this big lump of butter, they are thrown away with the buttermilk. So those who do not come up to Sahaja Yoga,
who are not up to the mark, will be all thrown out… no doubt… that is a fact… you have to come up to the mark.
And you should not worry about those… you should have no attachment for such people (810524)

They have to come in Sahaja Yoga… or they will go out of circulation absolutely… you see Sahaja Yoga doesn’t accept… it rejects more
than it accepts… it is a judgment going on. You can talk to them, because they are Realised… you can give them bandhans…
work on them… they are the people in whom you could be interested… but they have to work it out… they are lost otherwise (810524)

Today is the time for people to become the Spirit - this is the blessing of the 'Blossom Time'… and people have to become the Spirit.
This is an essential step today, to become the Spirit. This is an evolutionary process. All the religions have talked about it.
Without it you cannot achieve the Peace, the Joy, the Love… but first… you have to forgive (980320)

- Jai Shri Mataji -

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Source: www.sahajvidya.org.uk/jsmsy

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