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Dealing with Sometimes very heavy emotional attacks
when it seems we are powerless to do anything about it

    Not so very long ago, Nick met someone, a Sahaja Yogini at a meeting at Flood St. who was having quite some difficulty controlling her emotions… in a public meeting venue. He had come across something similar to this on occasions before. As soon as he got confirmation that there was a sort of an inner struggle going on, he volunteered a few words of comfort to her. She will of course remain nameless, so no need for anyone to get at all worried on that score.

   He started by gently saying to her: You know it can sometimes be quite embarrassing for a man to admit to having had such problems himself sometimes… to feeling weepy… to feeling really emotional… and simply feeling quite unable, it seems, to do anything about it. Nick was like this, a long time ago. He remembers it well. He also remembers how, and exactly where he was, when he finally and eventually got over it. (I believe it was 1985)

   He was sitting on the bathroom floor, back at home where he now still lives… tears were rolling down his cheeks… he was distraught with misery… absolutely fed up… seemingly at a loss as to what to do to make things better. It had been going on for some time… he had at that time been in Sahaja Yoga for some 4 years or so.

   Then on this particular day, he suddenly got very angry… an inner anger, with all the negative things that were making him feel so wretched. He was sick to death of it all. He started to shout at all these things… telling them all to get the hell out of here… to leave him alone… to go away… to go to hell! He got so very angry with those things that were making him feel like he was something… that actually, really, in truth he was not. It was amazing – suddenly all this misery left him… suddenly he was free… and even more amazing, since that time it has never returned… to this day. True you can still feel a little bit sometimes left sided, but nothing that a little Sahaja Yoga treatment cannot cure… like Raising Right to Left (to increase the Right side, and reduce the Left emotional side)… or putting the Right hand to the floor (to clear the Left side problems) – no they are not contradictory.

   You can if you like, think of it like this: When you raise the Right to the Left side, you are in fact putting yourself into balance, by increasing the Right side and reducing the Left side, or increasing the Ego side to combat the over developed Left side. Another way of understanding it is that you are taking the cooler side (the Right side) over to the relatively Hot side, to even things up a little. The overdeveloped Left side is bloated from overactivity, and as such results in the overgrown and bloated balloon of Superego, and so needs to be reduced, by Right to Left, using always the Right Hand to do it. The other recommendation is to put the Right Hand on or towards the floor, or towards Mother Earth, keeping the Left side towards Mother or towards the Photo. In this case the negativity flows from the Left side via the Right side to the Mother Earth. So, on occasion you will see both these remedies being applied at the same time to the same individual.

   But with the getting angry with the negativity idea, the key seems to be to get really fiercely aggressively angry… with these things that are causing so much trouble… and to really shout at them – they get such a fright, that they just run away - and no feeling guilty or soft about doing it either! We are here, ‘out to destroy them’ for ever. Maybe it is also necessary to have reached a certain state of ‘desperation’ with this ‘impossible’ situation, before we will get angry enough to make it work.

   The next time he met Shri Mataji, he said to Mother: ‘Shri Mataji, there has been a big change’. She replied with a smile: ‘Yes I know there has’. We should know that Shri Mataji ‘knows everything’… She knows us all ‘inside and out’. She knew exactly what had been going on.

   The trouble is that we, in all ignorance, ‘accept all this nonsense’… we think it is normal! We think it is normal for any human being to have these feelings… to feel wretched at times… to get sometimes upset… that’s what ‘being human’ means, isn't it? – It’s part of us, right?

   Well… No! No, it is not . It is in fact only these ‘Negativities’ that are interfering, and making us feel so helpless. All we need do is Shout at them… Frighten them – they will run away. You try it.

   So now, and on reflection, Nick is thinking that maybe this story would have a much wider appeal for those who are still struggling with similar problems of their own… and so he decided to write and send this story out to the wider Sahaja World. It really is not such a difficult thing to do… to adopt some of these techniques… and to put into practice some of these really quite simple remedies – try it… and see for yourself.

   Jai Shri Mataji


 PS – Just as an afterthought, it was felt that perhaps it might be considered helpful for anyone who is interested, and may be experiencing other and maybe similar stories, that they can quite easily view any of these stories, and many more besides, as they are added, on the SahajVidya website. Just go to the bottom of the HomePage, and in the ‘Final Frame’, called the “Culminating Point”, you will see a link called the ‘ The Pitfalls’. Or, again, you can go to ‘Late Breaking News’ at the top right hand corner of the same HomePage, and start there.

 The choice is, as they say, always yours. There are many more such similar stories, yet still to come.



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