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It is necessary to meet collectively every day to avoid problems… only in collectivity maturity starts - it is a living process. If we are
not collective, we will disappear one day. It is like a tree, where everything belonging to that tree grows - if a leaf separates off,
it dies - we have to stick onto the tree. In winter, leaves fall, because a little bark forms a barrier in between, and they fall off.
The same thing happens in Sahaja Yoga, when we do not accept the principles of Sahaja Yoga - we put a barrier.
So we have to open ourselves up to suck the sap - give up the ego and superego, our conditionings, and ideas of before…
and so we surrender. This does not help the tree, but it helps you. Pure intelligence gives you that sense, to do this.
Then all the blessings start to come (871016); We must come to the Collective, otherwise there is the possibility of getting lost

Today is the day to make a big determination… that you will start enjoying your collective spirit… which was opened on 5th May 1970…
everything for the collectivity… then the enjoyment will be maximum… you will never feel that you have sacrificed anything.
But still you are more identified with your own enjoyments… and your own ideas of enjoyment… you still do not enjoy that collective
spirit… you still like… in companionship… in company with each other… you enjoy it more like people who are not in Sahaja Yoga…
very low grade… just want to take advantage… and have a nice time… and all that… that type of people are not going to make much mark
for us. You all must be connected to God individually… so that you are all connected among yourselves (800505)

The best way to strengthen yourself is… to be together as Sahaja Yogis… you must attend the programs, when there is a collective
Aarti… or Puja… or Meditation. When you collect together… something happens to you… if you sit at home, and do something…
nothing works out much. Anywhere when there are people sitting together in meditation, Sahaja Yoga itself manifests… because it is
a collective phenomena. There is a mathematics about it… and Sahaja Yoga works out after actually there are more than seven
people (770126.1)

You have to be the whole, you have to be in the centre. Tell your mind 'be humble'… and all this relativity will go away, that you have
to be unique, that you are some higher soul or something - all that is nonsense. Try to keep to the centripetal force, where you are in the
centre… moving along in the centre. But, there is also a centrifugal force acting, and once you try to go to anything extraordinary, try
to do something better, or something exceptional and try to show off, or in any way you try to come out from the whole, then you just
go like a tangent, and in such a big way that you are amazed how you are left out… and such people go out of circulation (800907); Not to
be collective, itself is a negativity (890617.1)

Now, in 'collectivity', the Krishna Principle plus the principle of Guru are mixed. So, when he becomes the Guru, then collectivity
starts… when the principles of these two get integrated, then the collectivity starts… and as a result of that you get Discretion. Now
Shri Krishna is very fond of butter… so to improve the discretion part… we take vibrated ghee or butter, which is heated up… and put
it in the nose. But before that we gargle… with salt… which represents the Guru principle (850502)

Collectivity is not to 'force' people to come to Sahaja Yoga… once they come to Sahaja Yoga they will know the joy of life… and you
don't have to tell them anything… nothing has to be told… just… silently it will work… and they will feel your love… you see love is
something so great… it not only helps others… it also helps you (970823.1); Collectivity is the beginning of Sahaja Yoga - Sahaja
Yoga is not meant for individuals (801116); If there is a problem in one part, or in one individual, then there is a problem for the whole,
for the collectivity. If there is a problem for the collectivity, for the whole, then it will reflect on you (890611); When collectivity is
disturbed, the centres that catch are Vishuddhi and Sahastrara, and if it goes beyond a certain level, then you catch on the heart,
and if Agnya, left or right join in, then you develop Ekadesha Rudra (801116); The greatest law of Sahaja Yoga is that it is a collective
happening (880103)

Collectivity is the work of Adi Shakti only, because it exists at Sahastrara. If we cannot be collective, or enjoy collectivity, then
there is something wrong with us. Avoid criticising each other (900923); We are cells in the Mother's body - Mother has
awakened us. If we are sick, then Mother is sick… in the sense that She liberates more vibrations and She feels sick with that, if we
cannot take those vibrations - 'when you take vibrations I feel very happy' (801116)

We have to be in the collective… at the slightest provocation, people become non-collective… if they cannot have rapport with
other Sahaja Yogis… cannot talk to other Sahaja Yogis… cannot live with other Sahaja Yogis… then there is something wrong with
them… they must understand that there's something wrong with them, and nothing wrong with others. I know of a Sahaja Yogi who
came and told me that… 'Mother they are very unkind to me… they are very suspicious of me… they do this and do that'… nothing of
the kind… it was his own mind that was working like that, and giving him ideas against other Sahaja Yogis. So, never criticise your
brothers and sisters… if you have to criticise, criticise yourself. Best is to criticise yourself, and see for yourself what's wrong with
you that you cannot fit into the collective (860818)

The tongue is first of all… for saying things which are sweet and beautiful… let us find out what sweet things we are going to say to
people… not expressing 'our' views, like 'I like it… I like that' or 'I want that', but on the contrary… 'do you like this'… 'would you
enjoy this'… so the language should be directed towards others… showing interest and concern. The voice Should be melodious, and
the language should be controlled. If we can control our tongue, 80% of collectivity we will achieve (850502)

Collectivity will make you grow… if we try to separate off, then we may drop off; Our house may be separate, but each house must
be for all Sahaja Yogis - any visiting Sahaja Yogi must feel that he is the owner of that house (871024); Nobody should arbitrarily
decide, but should consult the collective, especially the leader to find out if whatever you have thought of is alright. One may commit
lots of mistakes, if you start behaving arbitrarily (880103); The Spirit is the collective being, is absolutely one with the collective

You have to understand… how the collective phenomenon works out. If there is a Realised Soul… then he is surrounded by… two or
three… Divine (word unclear)… but in certain cases, when there is a Realised Soul, and he is not yet say, that good… say for example if
he smokes… then there could be only one, following such a man… mostly there's at least minimum of one. So every Realised Soul has
got some people with him. But… if somebody… for a short time… does something… mad… actually very bad… then all of them might
depart for the time being… but they again come back… to him. Now when such a man is struggling to have an experience… if there is
another positive person… a very positive person comes in… and he may be having more people with him… so he may be able to spare
some of his people… to prop up this man. Those people who just innocently commit mistakes, or something like that… and they are
very active in Sahaja Yoga, and are good people - and they may also find it difficult, hard sometimes to overcome their habits - so they
must know at that time, that if they go to another Sahaja Yogi, who does not have this particular habit… say, of… taking the snuff…
then the other person's guides, who are hovering on him, can help this man… much more so than the another man, who is about to take
a snuff - and if you go next to him… and his have already departed… then they take away all the three that you had. But… they do not
enter into your psyche… but… they bring about a cosmic change around (770126.1)

But supposing a person is suffering from bhoota-baddha… or he has been to some gurus… so the guru will also fix some entities with
that fellow… into his psyche. Now when this one is trying to do something bad… then he will be supported by another… bhootawalla…
the fraternity works very fast… there will be no freedom in him… he will just go like a magnet… he will be attracted towards
that person who has a bhoota-baddha immediately… and he'll become weak (770126.1)

Now what is the difference… the difference is very great… in the first case… you have to choose to be in the company of a Sahaja
Yogi who does not have these habits… for example a hot tempered fellow… when he gets into hot temper… can think of somebody who
is very silent by temperament… or, a man who is… so silent that he… can't say anything… though he is mad about it… when his Mother is
insulted… then, if he thinks of someone who would not tolerate this stuff… then immediately he will get the power (770126.1)

But you find that so many Sahaja Yogis get attracted to negativity just like that… they don't know how they get interested
into that - but to positivity… they have to exert themselves. That's why I tell people… do not keep combination with people who have
the same weakness… but you will find always, friendship is there - say there are two Sahaja Yogis who talk ill of Sahaja Yoga, morning
til evening… finding faults with Sahaja Yoga… they will combine together… they make good company you see. It is better to have
diverse company, so that you supplement each other better… than to be attracted towards people who are of the same nature. Like
somebody who is a show-off… you see he must say something to show off all the time… now another show-off should run away from
him… he should sit with a person who is a shy person - this is very different style from that of the negative people… because in
negativity, two negatives must join together… nicely… to become real negative. But in Sahaja Yoga, two opposites must meet… to be
good Sahaja Yogis - but this must be done in complete freedom… in complete understanding (770126.1)

What is the knack, then of being a good Sahaja Yogi… in one word, that you can understand… one small thing… is to be responsible… if
you are a responsible Sahaja Yogi… you will find your own way… if you are not, you will go to doom… because if you are responsible…
then only God is going to give you more (770126.1)

Now the collectivity part of it is very important… anybody who cannot be collective is not yet a Sahaja Yogi… collective in the
sense that anybody who cannot live with other Sahaja Yogis… who tries to find fault with someone all the time… who wants to run
away, with his wife or with her husband… and stay somewhere else… who wants to get out… is not a person who is collective. You have to
be collective… and to be collective means… at every collective program you should be there… you should always meet collectively…
meditate collectively… and find ways and methods of being collective (860823)

There are so many evil forces which are all the time trying to attack collectivity… first they will attack the leaders… then they
have their sly methods… of going around and talking something here and there… in the ears… to create some sort of a politics. All such
people will be thrown out of Sahaja Yoga… as there is a centrifugal and a centripetal force… both acting equal and opposite. Anybody
who goes against collectivity… who sticks to their bhoots… to their negativity… will have to get out of Sahaja Yoga (860823)

It is to be remembered that to be collective, is to be joyous… is to be progressive… to be going further. You have got your
Realisation… remember this… now you have entered into the Kingdom of God… into the Kingdom of Virat… where you are part and
parcel of a Collective Being… you are not alone… you cannot be singled out… you cannot separate yourself… you have become part
and parcel of that collectivity… and that Virat is going to look after you… going to nourish you… going to do everything that is necessary
for your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, even financial development. But if you try to cut it short… if you try to block the
collectivity… or try to make problems for, or even if you try just to get out of the collectivity… then that is not our work. This is to be
understood fully, in every way possible… you should know that collectivity is not only for your advancement… not only for your
development… not only for 'your' achievements… it's the achievement of the whole humanity… the purpose of your creation is
fulfilled by that (860823)

Those people who live in the ashrams are better off always than the people who live alone… always… they will always have better
results than the people who live alone. Maybe they live alone because they want to have a little private life… but their privacy is
not going to help them at all… the more you live together… reside together… enjoy together… there will be greater chances of your
advancement… the more you will try to make yourself private… or try to get out of it… whatever explanation you may give… God
understands very well… and there's a big problem for you. You should enjoy more the company of Sahaja Yogis, than your own
private company in the dingy room of yours. That is one thing you can judge yourself… the judgment is your own (860823)
- Jai Shri Mataji -

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Jai Shri Mataji

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