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A very Humble Appeal
Collectivity & Common Sense
world wide
in Sahaja Yoga

[ 3rd & final rewrite ]
The state of Sahaja Yoga today

The Big Zero


Dear All... Dearest Brothers & Sisters ...

       Please... please... be patient... be tolerant... be loving... and compassionate...
and receive this e-mail from your loving brother in the spirit that it is sent...

       This Nick has been recently quite perturbed by what he sees as a gradual drifting away
from our Beloved Mother's Core Teachings or Core Principles as brought by Her from Her
far and distant abode... to this Planet Earth, for our upliftment, and for our salvation.

        This last Saturday, at Flood St., (25th Jan 2014) our beloved brother Obi requested Nick's help in pinpointing some of the errors that we Sahaja Yogis round the entire world are committing, sometimes quite innocently... sometimes not quite so, more it seems through ignorance... or even through other reasons best known to themselves.

       When the appointed time came... the vibrations shall we say were not exactly the best...
a fit of coughing, a feeling of choking, and the lack of that feeling that he has become accustomed to, when he feels Shri Mataji is about to take control... and so he felt he had no choice, no alternative but to decline to do what had been requested of him.
       Later on, at the end of the meeting, after depositing a saucepan of food on the table... and then very surprisingly ( & most most surprising especially to him also ) he was spun round, as if to address everyone... but there were no words... he just 'saw' what can only be described as a vision... this great big quite thick 'zero', a large circular 'O' as if drawn not with a pen or pencil, but as if drawn by something like a 4 or 5 inch paintbrush... with the centre of it filled with a soft pale greenish pastel colour - with nothing else within it… no pictures or images, no words... nothing...

       I don't know how long this lasted, but then the vision just faded, and he was left simply looking at the ladies that he at that time had been facing... he was left absolutely speechless... nothing to do, but to simply go back to his seat. 
       (only Shri Mataji knows or can explain what this strange series of events was all about!)

       And then, just now, whilst searching for some other special quotes for another brother of ours, he stumbled upon some rather special Words from Shri Mataji... and here they are...
They are entitled... ‘Mother’s Life’.

Mother's Life

....... So far, human beings received the Blessings of God… individually, as Grace… and they
received their Self Realisation individually, one by one. The method for individual Realisation
was just the opposite of the collective… first they had to establish their dharma… cleanse
themselves fully… desiring all the time for their salvation… as we call it Ishwara Pranidana…
thinking of God… asking for his Grace… and acting in a scrupulously dharmic way, to keep
themselves pure… controlling their minds, their desires and their actions… and then only, the
Grace of Mother gave them Realisation (800505)

....... This pattern was on for some time… and those who got Realisation did lots of wonderful
things to prepare for Sahaja Yoga. They were in every field of life… but very few and
unique… for example, in India, and in many other places in ancient times… they discovered
the unique gifts of the Mother Earth… what you call as Swayambhus… those stones or stone
images, which were thrown out by the Mother Earth, and discovered by these Saints. They
put shrines there, and they worshipped them… and by this they made these images vibrate
more… and also to vibrate that area. All over the world, there are such stones… but only the
Saints could discover them (800505)

....... Then they established the importance of virtue in life… and how it can give you health,
wealth and prosperity… which is glorified… and not which is degrading. They established
schools and Universities… especially in India, where even today the families… carry the name
of that University as their Ghotra… and the families belonging to one Ghotra cannot marry.
They prepared young children, educated them… that they led a very dharmic life… enjoyed
their married life fully… and matured in such a manner that they got their Realisation… and
lived a life of complete enjoyment. And thus they, by their example, distracted the
attention of the people which was outside, to inner deeper values (800505)

....... All this permeated a kind of confidence in God, Religion and a very balanced life - they
have really done a great job of building the scaffolding… of the huge, great building of
Sahaja Yoga… which is going to come now. Their desire to establish Dharma was so great,
that the complete Divine force of Mahakali was working through them… and they put it to
action with such understanding and such wisdom. Great scriptures were written by them… and
for thousands of years, they were the guiding light for people (800505)

....... Only in the modern times… we should say about one thousand years or so… people started
doubting them. Before that people used to doubt themselves… that we are not good enough -
but there was no doubting about the Incarnations. All this started toppling down, with the
ego developing… and the superego challenging - confusion started coming into the minds of
people… they were influenced by many Satanic forces around, and played into their hands…
and they started doubting those great Realised People, and all these great Scriptures.
So on one side we have the doubting people… and on the other side, the fanatics - those
who try to adhere more and more, to the teachings, had to become fanatics. The 'real'
Religion in man collapsed… Religion is a continuous living process within, which is our
sustainance… it's like a ladder, on which we climb, step by step… but not leaving the ladder.
So… these two types… one doubting… another fanatic… both had not known God… both had
not achieved Reality… and they criticised each other… because both of them did not know
what truth was (800505)

....... I took my birth at a point where this confusion had started showing it's results… even on
a physical plane. When I started looking around, I was amazed how ignorance had made
people naïve - though formerly people had this much understanding, this much sensitivity to
know, what is right and what is wrong - in this confused situation, I was born. I knew I was
to open the Sahastrara… so I started my work, after my first shocks (800505)
I decided not to talk about it to anyone… and to lead a very normal life… of a very
ordinary person… not to be very striking… because like Christ, when he was born, a star came
up… that’s how the King Herod came to know about him… and you know the story, what
happened. If you are born with any striking signs, the negativity immediately finds you out.
As it is, it found me out… and just after the fifteenth day of my birth there was a very big
accident as you know (800505)

....... I had to really work very very hard to enter into your being… to find out… first of all…
your basic problems… and then the different permutations and combinations… and then these
were also capped by other identifications… like the society in which you were born… like the
nation in which you were born… like the ideas that were there. All these things became much
more important than the original universal being within you… and every individual had taken a
very odd funny awkward type of a shape, which I didn’t know how to reduce… by which they
could start their growth (800505)

....... It was a very hard work… nights after nights I used to work… while leading a very
ordinary life of a very normal person. I used to behave like a very simple ordinary student…
and show all my ignorance about things… but sometimes you know, truth has an awkward
habit of slipping out… and it used to show itself. One of the biggest problems of human
beings, I found was family life… and that’s why I married… I wanted to study what are the
problems of family life… and so I started facing these problems as if they were my own… and
then other problems like political, economic… and all these problems also… because they
became so important for human beings… but which are of absolutely artificial value. A sort
of a human behaviour science I had to study for years (800505)

....... And then… as you reach a point where all the knots are opened out… and one knot is still
left… which is to be opened out… and that was done on 5th May 1970. Then the collective
phenomenon started working… and the greatest of these was that the Shri Chakra, being on
this Earth, could be felt through your fingers… this was never before so - nobody felt the
vibrations on the fingers as such… but they felt it within themselves. Now, because the
Sahastrara of the Universe was opened out, everybody started feeling the vibrations around
them with their own hands… now the fingers… could feel the vibrations… that means the
sensitivity of the Divine which was in the chakras spread out to the periphery to such an
extent that a human being could feel it on the fingers… this was fantastic (800505)

....... So my job was to move from the centre to the periphery… and whatever are the obstacles
I met, I had to clear them out, one after another. But then, I must say that, Sahaja Yoga
when it started working out… I was given very great workers, tools of Sahaja Yoga… who took
it upon themselves, as their own responsibility… and they really worked very hard with me…
very few… but they did
. The rest of them… can be divided into many categories… some came
for their own treatments, or something like that, of a very low level… or some, when they
got their Realisation, they brought all their sick relations to me… then some came for their
financial and all sorts of mental problems… and some came for their family and spiritual
problems… but the ones who took it up as their own responsibility, that this is what they
have to do, this is their life, this is what their complete meaning is… they put entirely their
attention to it… they worked it out, whatever was possible on their own level (800505)

....... So today we have to understand… that we really need those brave people… and those
people who feel responsible. It is a very important virtue of Sahaja Yogis. The main thing is…
what are you doing for Sahaja Yoga… what you can do… how far you can go… how you are
going to work it out. In every walk of life… those who really work it out as a great
responsibility upon themselves are the ones who will be given more and more powers, and
chances (800505)

.......                                        ________

       These words can be found in the SahajVidya web site, shown below. (No password is required.)
There are many more very special words, of equal importance to us all, and perhaps more will be
sent out later on... for those who feel they want to 'answer the call'.

       If we will take the trouble to look into Shri Mataji's Teachings in some detail... at some
depth... we will find even now many important guiding Advices from our Mother. Even now, when
She has left us, they still have their original significance and meaning for us all.

       Here also, a simple reminder of how Shri Mataji has more than once told us the very special
significance of Shri Ganesha in our lives... of how he is the first among many... of how he knows only his Mother... how he knows no other... not even his father. For him, as should be for us also, there is no other being... greater than his Mother - our Mother... who was... who is... with us all... now... and if we wish... for ever more... 
       The question is: what are we doing about it?

       For those who are still relatively new in Sahaja Yoga, and even for those who regard
themselves as the 'Bees Knees'... it is still possibly the best option, when going to the
SahajVidya site… to start at the end. This may seem all 'topsy turvy', a seemingly crazy thing
to do but the culminating point of the whole site has now finally been reached... and so
the final panel at the base of the HomePage (Now after the rebuild, is the final Tab along the bottom of the screen, on the right side) represents a sort of 3-prong approach...
Firstly an idea of what is or may be possible, with some of the amazing array of Miracles
that have come the way of he who was instrumental in assisting with the formulation of this site... and are even now still available and still possible for us all... if we follow Shri Mataji's Pure & Immaculate Teachings....... Then the second group... the Practicalities or issues we encounter as we journey through our new found Sahaja life... and then Thirdly the final category, the Mishaps that may be encountered along the way... some of the many mistakes, the errors.... the misconceptions that are sometimes widely adopted in our current style of Sahaja Yoga, as practiced the whole world over...

       Next to it is a Tab, the SiteMap, called as SahajVidya Treats, which has much of interest to any Sahaja Yogi, notably the collection of mp3 audio clips on many significant and sometimes
controversial issues. Here also can be found a set of reliable transcripts, that have been
double checked for accuracy... and also a reliable set of newly created Sahaja literature, evolved and constructed from the Research into almost 400 of Shri Mataji's Talks and which forms the actual content of this site. In addition there is a set of graphics, that has been evolved and developed for use in the larger collective environments found in such places as Universities where the need is for something that can be projected onto a screen for collective viewing.

       The remainder of the site is really a work of reference that you can go to in any spare moments to browse to your heart's content.

       The 3 links in the final panel, i.e. the Miracles; the Practical issues & the Errors, (or put perhaps more simply ‘The Possibilities’ ; 'The Practicalities' & ‘The Pitfalls’) are not as yet fully completed... and are in fact a work still in progress. 
       There is as yet still much to be added... so keep revisiting to check on latest updates.

       There will undoubtedly be an avalanche of criticism... a barrage of attacks from those who
do not see things the same way... and who see the comfort that we now have become so used to... coming under siege. This Nick has no misconceptions regarding the storm of protest that will undoubtedly be coming his way,

This Nick makes no apology for his stance in this matter... only perhaps for his 'lack of courage' in bringing this situation to the fore long before now. Who amongst you will also... Stand up, and be counted...

       Many years ago now, Nick cannot say 'when' or even 'where', Shri Mataji said something to Nick, which he has never forgotten. She came to Nick one day and She said to him: 
                            " You are going to do a Lot for Me "
       Well with these words echoing in his head... with these words ringing in his ears... what else can he do? How can he turn away... at a time like this... when the need is so very great... and say, and do nothing? This Nick has to speak out... and say and do something... and accept whatever are the consequences. So this , in full awareness, Nick now does.

       As the Mooladhara is 'responsible' for the qualities of Purity & Innocence, so the Heart is 'responsible' (not to be confused with being the seat of responsibility, for that is elsewhere) so in the Heart is to be found that quality of Valour - that quality of courage in battle against that which is evil and wrong.

       The video at Flood St on that evening said it all ( 820610 You must be Responsible, When
are we going to grow, Hampstead - recently added as a new audio clip to this site ) - Shri Mataji
told us clearly... if we fail...
       If we fail... it is we who will be held responsible. 
       This Nick does not want that criticism levelled at him... do you?

       Are we going to continue to sit, wriggling perhaps a little uncomfortably, squirming in our
seats, waiting for Shri Mataji to finish speaking, before we can again heave a sigh of relief... and fall back into our accustomed inactive self complacent stupor... or are we going at last to rise up... and say... enough... no more... I am a son of the Adi Shakti... I am a daughter of our Beloved Mother... who has done so much for me... for us all... what can I do in return, for She who has given Her Very Life for us all... for all of Her Sahaji Children.

       We in the Heart of this Universe especially, do carry a very great responsibility indeed...
to save this world! Are we up to it?

Jai Shri Mataji
with love
your very concerned brother

PS - These comments do not all apply equally to all - that should be very obvious. Some are very
responsible, some may be overly so. But it is the general state of our being, the world over
that we need to address and to improve... to overhaul, and repair... whilst we still can.
May God bless and save us all.

       This e-mail was sent out originally to all, via SahajNet, but the 'powers that be' decided
to reject it... it was sent back, marked as 'Inappropriate'... the defence and the preservation
of Shri Mataji's Immaculate Teachings considered 'inappropriate!'.
       It is considered here to be of sufficient importance that it is being resent, to reach all parts
of the Sahaj World... by whatever means possible.