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Miracle of his being saved from almost certain death whilst
Driving in the Zambian Escarpment

The story of this Nick, now a long standing Sahaja Yogi of some 36 years, starts pretty obviously with his meeting Mother, back in 1980, August 9th in Birmingham, after receiving a miraculous Divine Guidance in the form of a very loud voice commanding him to “Go to Birmingham”. He did not pause to think ‘what was all that’… he just opened a small suitcase and threw a few things inside, and went downstairs to say goodbye to his father. The story is told elsewhere, but suffice it to say here that he bought a single ticket and set off for the adventure of a lifetime. The various events that occurred over the next 35 or so years are recounted elsewhere on these pages, and will not be told again here.

Suffice it to say, that even so, one can trace it all back much further to events that happened in Africa, the miracle of his escaping almost certain death whilst driving in the escarpment in Eastern Zambia, driving at high speed on twisting, roller coaster type dirt roads, with very little stability, and meeting headlong another vehicle coming straight for him, coming the other way, also at high speed.. We were both driving on the crown of a very unstable dirt road. Then there is a short period inability to recall what exactly happened… from the moment that he saw this other vehicle rounding the bend in the road a little way ahead til he again became aware, fully aware of continuing to drive away from this strange incident with no vehicles in front of him, and no memory of how he had got past this ‘almost certain fatal collision’ without even a scratch or anything. He thought really very little about it, til some 35-40 years later, when perhaps new & now current events are beginning to make sense of it all. Maybe, it is just possible that he might have had some sort of pre-ordained destiny, explaining why these miraculous events are still taking place, even now. He speaks of course of his meeting with Her Holiness, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, and the tremendous change brought about in his life by She who is Adi Shakti Incarnate, and who bestowed upon him this very great and transforming experience called Self Realisation, which was to bring a plethora of Miraculous Happenings, and that would change his life out of all recognition… and which continues still to this day.

When he ultimately got back to England at the end of some 4 tours overseas, on OSAS terms working for the overseas Government each time, he started living in a place called Dawlish on the south coast of Devon. Whilst there he took to his own form of meditation, which quite soon led to his meeting ultimately with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, and then he again fairly soon afterwards relocated so that he could quite easily travel the short distance to see Her regularly, by that I mean almost every day thereafter.

There was another incident whilst driving in Africa, where he was extremely lucky not to meet a premature end, but all the details are not so clear, so will only be briefly mentioned here. It happened whilst driving again at
high speed in Western side of Africa, along very narrow roads, this time with on the left a shear drop and on the right side another shear wall this time of the mountain, whist we were driving along these very twisting roads along
the side of this mountain, when unexpectedly we met a whole herd of cattle, standing mostly, all over this road
with absolutely no way to get past them. There is absolutely no memory recall of how we got out of this one, so
we have to leave it to our imagination, how it happened.

Jai Shri Mataji

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