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Learning to act on Vibrations only whilst
on the train in India & at Ganapatipule

There was a time when we were travelling in India on the way to Ganapatipule by train and during the quite long journey we passed the time by working on the many Sahaja Yogis who were travelling with us. They were mostly some of the many newer Indian Sahaja Yogis, whilst we, coming from England were used to doing this type of thing, having much practice at events mostly in London.

At the time we like practically everyone else did what everyone else did.
However on this journey we decided to try discarding all rationality, and to just rely entirely on what we could feel in the hands, in fact on what our hands were telling us, and then did what our hands were telling us to do. So we did not talk over much to any of the people we worked on, to see what they were feeling or to ask what they thought was the problem etc. In fact if someone offered some view or requested some particular action, we mostly ignored it and instead focused on our own hands, & acted according to that. This was so successful that we ended up with queues of people all wanting
to be worked on. And we in the end were the real gainers out of all this, because we learned to trust what our hands were telling us.

When we got to Ganapatipule, we found that news had travelled fast
as they say. So we had no shortage of people to work on.
In fact what happened is that we never went into the main pendal
to join whatever was going on there - we instead stayed in the men's
dormitory where we had so many people all waiting their turn.

So if through observation a person looked Right side, but when we tried he felt left sided, we would apply the technique to treat his problem Left side in direct opposition to that which everyone else expected.
So we learned to discard all mental considerations, and to trust only the Vibrations.

This new understanding and total dependence on Vibratory awareness then became the norm when on their return to the UK we all continued to give Self Realisation to the masses there.

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